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A varnish is a clear coating that you paint over a finished painting. It will protect the painting from scratches and dust. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for how to varnish an...

Sep 2, 2022


Whether you’re on your first or final draft, there are a few elements of a script you can keep in mind to help craft your story and bring it to life. Learn about the three key s...

Aug 26, 2022


Judd Apatow’s films starring Hollywood comedy A-listers like Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Steve Carell, and others that have gone on to both critical acclaim and commercial success. ...

Aug 24, 2022


Glitch art is a form of digital art featuring intentional glitch effects for aesthetic purposes. Learn about the history of this art form and how to create glitch art.

Aug 18, 2022


Creativity is a skill everyone can learn. Discover new and unique ways to spark creative thoughts.

Aug 5, 2022


The meaning of the color blue in color theory depends on its shade. Unlike the vividness of bright blue and royal blue or the happy lightness of blue pastel colors, dark blue co...

Aug 5, 2022


Filmmakers make found-footage movies by giving their characters cameras, giving the footage the organic, raw quality of a home movie. Learn about the history and characteristics...

Aug 4, 2022

Color theory and color psychology propose colors affect mood and perception and can potentially influence behavior. Whether you’re looking fresh daffodils in a vase on your kitc...

Aug 3, 2022


According to color psychology and color theory, the different colors on the color wheel can affect your moods and behavior. Whether looking at the emerald green of a gemstone or...

Aug 3, 2022