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Design & Style


Modern architecture takes a form-follows-function approach to architectural design, emphasizing clean lines and open floor plans.

Jun 9, 2021


Learn how to clean paint brushes to maintain brush quality and to protect your paints.

Jun 7, 2021


Thread painting is a technique for creating stitches with a sewing needle or machine that resemble painted brush strokes.

Jun 7, 2021


Scale and proportion are relational elements of art and design.

Jun 7, 2021


Latin typefaces are the basis of western typography design, and many of the Latin font families we use today have deep historical roots.

Jun 4, 2021


Concept art plays a key role in creating the world of a film, video game, or comic book, allowing artists to draft various styles before finding the right fit.

Jun 3, 2021


Isometric design is used in a number of graphic disciplines. Apply it to typography to bring depth and style to your lettering.

Jun 2, 2021


Layout design is the process of arranging visual and textual elements on-screen or on-paper in order to grab a reader’s attention and communicate information in a visually appea...

Jun 2, 2021


Cabinets are enclosed cupboards and drawers that store items and serve as a major centerpiece of home design.

Jun 2, 2021