Design & Style


Anna Wintour is the longtime Editor in Chief of Vogue and one of the most influential figures in the fashion industry. Learn about her career path and her approach to leadership.

Nov 7, 2022


Maximalist fashion features bright colors and bold silhouettes and patterns; maximalists exhibit a sense of playfulness with their clothing. Learn how to style maximalist outfit...

Nov 4, 2022


Japanese architect Tadao Ando, known for his simplicity and use of natural light in his designs, takes a minimalist approach to his craft.

Nov 4, 2022


No matter your occupation, creating a digital portfolio of your best work to show prospective employers increases your chances of landing your next job. Learn how to make a digi...

Nov 4, 2022


From single-strand pearl necklaces to stud earrings, pearls are a classic addition to any jewelry box. Learn how to wear pearls casually and formally.

Nov 4, 2022


Before digital photo editing software arrived on the scene, film photographers compared their images by printing them on a sheet of paper. To this day, many photographers still ...

Oct 26, 2022


Patch pockets give articles of clothing a decorative, personal touch and a practical pouch. Learn how to sew a patch pocket using a few simple steps.

Oct 25, 2022


A beanie is a classic type of headwear. Learn how to wear a beanie, plus styling tips for various occasions.

Oct 21, 2022


Located on the Greenwich Peninsula in England, the Millennium Dome (also known as the O2) is one of the largest dome structures in the world. The building has had a fraught hist...

Sep 23, 2022