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Film & TV


Once a film wraps shooting and editing is complete, there's still one essential step left in the filmmaking process: color grading. Without this post-production step, film foota...

Jul 31, 2020


Whether you're a seasoned pro or a new screenwriter working on mastering your craft, it’s essential to have a writing process to give structure to your creative work. As you bec...

Jul 30, 2020


Casting actors is a vital and intuitive part of the pre-production process that can result in exciting discoveries and collaborations. Actors fill audition rooms hoping for thei...

Jul 29, 2020


Breaking into television is hard work. With competition from around the world, trying to get a job writing for your favorite Hollywood show requires a deep understanding of the ...

Jul 27, 2020


Jodie Foster is an Academy Award-winning performer, and one of the most critically acclaimed actors of her generation. Following a lengthy acting career in Hollywood with a numb...

Jul 27, 2020


When writing comedy movies, great timing is everything. Every scene is a carefully constructed moment that shows or reveals something funny, while also taking into consideration...

Jul 24, 2020


Every Hollywood film is written using a simple screenplay structure. Even feature films that seem abstract have a very simple structure, and within that simple layout, there are...

Jul 24, 2020


Filmmaker David Lynch is an auteur in every sense of the word. He's a visionary writer and director with an original style that's earned him critical acclaim in Hollywood and cu...

Jul 24, 2020


Spike Lee is perhaps best known as the filmmaking master behind iconic Hollywood films such as Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, Jungle Fever, Inside Man, and BlacKkKlansman. Ever ...

Jul 23, 2020