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Lavender is a famously fragrant flower that is low-maintenance and incredibly versatile: Steep lavender in simple syrup for botanically-inspired cocktails, dry them for sachets ...

Apr 14, 2020


When searching for natural ways to keep mosquitoes away, many home gardeners turn to two different types of plants: citronella grass and a scented geranium known as the mosquito...

Apr 14, 2020


Fruit shrubs and trees often have a bad reputation in home gardening for being fussy and requiring too much space—but if you choose the right varieties, any home gardener can en...

Apr 14, 2020


Home gardeners often grow vegetables like tomatoes, peas, and peppers—but have you ever tried homegrown potatoes? Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) are starchy root vegetables that a...

Apr 14, 2020


Roses are large, dark-leafed bushes that produce beautiful blooms in almost every color—it’s no wonder they’re often called the “queens of the flower garden.” While rose bushes ...

Apr 14, 2020


Learning how to pair carrots with appropriate companion plants is an important part of growing healthy and flavorful carrot plants.

Apr 14, 2020


Carrots are a delicious root vegetable, and they’re easy to grow and care for in a home vegetable garden. Carrot plants tolerate a wide temperature range and require little upke...

Apr 14, 2020


Next time you make guacamole, don't throw the avocado pit in the trash—use it to grow your own avocado tree at home.

Apr 13, 2020


Pest control is one of the hardest tasks for vegetable gardeners. At some point, all home gardeners find themselves going toe-to-toe with creatures whose presence they are unwil...

Apr 13, 2020