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The Berber carpet’s handmade look and strength make it an appealing choice for new floors in homes and offices. Learn about the pros and cons of installing the carpet in your ho...

Oct 18, 2021


Rugs can be a great addition to your home, but they may slip on smooth surfaces. Luckily, there are reliable anti-slip methods for keeping rugs in place.

Oct 18, 2021


Organizing your kitchen cabinets can help streamline cooking and baking and can help extend the shelf life of food items. Read more about how to organize kitchen cabinets.

Oct 18, 2021


Drying flowers with silica gel is a way to preserve fresh blooms.

Oct 18, 2021


Orchid cacti are night bloomers that make for excellent houseplants and are perfect for beginner growers. Learn how to grow and care for an orchid cactus.

Oct 18, 2021


Removing old wallpaper is a great way to instantly transform a space. Learn how to strip wallpaper and prepare your space for a makeover.

Oct 15, 2021


Crocosmias are perennial flowering plants known for displaying tubular flower spikes in orange-red, scarlet, and gold. Learn how to plant crocosmia and care for crocosmia plants...

Oct 14, 2021


Lychee seeds require specific conditions to sprout and bear fruit, but seeding is relatively simple, and you can enjoy lychees in several different ways.

Oct 13, 2021


Elephant bush is a tall succulent houseplant with small variegated green leaves. Learn how to grow this indoor plant in your succulent garden.

Oct 12, 2021