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The main difference between day makeup and night makeup is that you’re in completely different lighting. With the evening being dimmer overall, your makeup will need to be a bit...

Dec 4, 2019


There are as many makeup brushes as there are makeup products. The brush landscape can be very overwhelming and can get very expensive, with price having a lot to do with the ma...

Dec 4, 2019


If you’re going to invest in nice makeup brushes, taking care of them properly will allow them to last for years. This means routinely cleaning them.

Dec 4, 2019


Highlighter has become massively popular in the past few years, adding a whole new category to complexion makeup. It’s meant to give your face a dewy, fresh glow, but some highl...

Dec 4, 2019


You don’t have to be a professional or hire a makeup artist to achieve a glam contour makeup look.

Dec 4, 2019


Makeup artist Bobbi Brown believes that natural-looking makeup is one of the most universally flattering looks. If you’re pulling it off, it means your makeup is seamlessly blen...

Dec 3, 2019


You can’t build a house without the proper tools, and you can’t create a knock-out makeup look without them either. Iconic makeup artist Bobbi Brown says that using the right br...

Nov 26, 2019