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If you own a six-string guitar, you can replicate the chime and clarity associated with 12-string guitars by using Nashville tuning. Useful on both acoustic guitars and electric...

Sep 17, 2020


Before you dive into mastering your drumstick technique—from drum rudiments on the practice pad to jam sessions with other musicians—you'll want to shore up the type of grip you...

Sep 17, 2020


The percussion family of instruments offers almost limitless possibilities for drummers.

Sep 17, 2020


Once you bring home a brand new ukulele, you'll naturally want to dig in to learning some ukulele songs to play solo or with a band. Beginning ukulele players usually start with...

Sep 16, 2020


In music, minor chords can evoke a certain sadness or eerie quality. Diminished chords take that ominous sound even further by adding a flat fifth.

Sep 16, 2020


Augmented chords produce the sound of tension and instability in music, making the listener anxious for whatever sound comes next. For this reason, augmented chords can be remar...

Sep 16, 2020


Compared to most instruments, the ukulele is easy to hold because of its small size. While there are multiple ukulele sizes available—soprano ukulele, tenor ukulele, baritone uk...

Sep 16, 2020


Master ukulele strumming patterns to bring your ukulele chord playing to the next level.

Sep 15, 2020


The ukulele is distinct from other fretted string instruments (like guitar and mandolin) in part because of the unusual standard tuning of its open strings. Learning the notes o...

Sep 3, 2020