Heralded as the “Queen of Christmas” and “the elusive chanteuse,” recording artist Mariah Carey has become one of the most iconic and versatile singing voices in history over he...

Apr 14, 2022


Through promotional campaigns, music marketing informs fans about new work from their favorite musicians and songwriters. Discover four ways the music industry promotes new rele...

Mar 30, 2022


Learning how to sing opera isn’t for first-time singers, but it’s a good way for seasoned practitioners to take their singing to the next level. Find out what defines opera sing...

Mar 30, 2022


Vocal timbre encompasses the more intangible aspects of the human singing voice. Find out what factors affect timbre and how you can identify yours.

Mar 24, 2022


The funky dance music known as makossa spent many years as the most popular style of music in Cameroon.

Mar 21, 2022


Horrorcore represents a dark, sinister corner of hardcore hip-hop, where tales of violence and death dominate the lyrical content.

Mar 21, 2022


There are various singing styles and genres that vocalists can learn about to get a sense of their sweet spot. Read on to learn about the different singing styles.

Mar 14, 2022


An early precursor to rock 'n' roll and R&B music, jump blues spun off from big band music to become a popular musical genre in the 1940s.

Mar 14, 2022


When vocalists wish to loudly project their chest voice, they often use a singing technique called belting. Learn how pop artists safely use the belt technique in various styles...

Mar 10, 2022