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Science & Tech


Of the six largest space agencies in the world, the European Space Agency is unique in that it's the only one made up of a collective group of several countries.

Oct 28, 2020


When you observe other people's behavior and connect it to their moral character, you run the risk of committing a fundamental attribution error.

Oct 27, 2020


Have you ever been tasked with a long list of assignments, only to find that you can only remember the first few items on your list? If so, you may have experienced a quirk of s...

Oct 27, 2020


When a living species disappears from Earth entirely, the scientific community declares it extinct.

Oct 27, 2020


The golden ratio is a famous mathematical concept that is closely tied to the Fibonacci sequence.

Oct 27, 2020


When scientists invented plastic, it was praised for being exceptionally durable—not breaking down naturally like organic matter. However, by the 1960s, researchers began to wor...

Oct 26, 2020


Fossil fuels like oil or natural gas contain organic matter deposited in the ground millions of years ago. Biomass energy, on the other hand, comes from organisms that lived far...

Oct 26, 2020


In the field of particle physics, string theory brings together quantum mechanics and Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity.

Oct 26, 2020


Planet Earth harbors an array of temperate rainforest ecosystems, which are rainforests in regions with year-round moderate temperatures, humid air, and heavy rainfall.

Oct 26, 2020