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Abstract mathematics concerns theorems, algorithms, and other mathematical concepts and broad applications for practical use in the real world. Learn about the history of abstra...

Oct 21, 2022


John Edward Douglas is a former FBI agent and one of the world’s premier criminal profilers. He worked to bring numerous serial killers to justice and to understand what leads s...

Oct 20, 2022


Lie detection is a sophisticated and elusive art form. Some people are natural deceivers, and it can take a lot of finesse and expertise to discern whether or not they’re mislea...

Oct 20, 2022


Psychological manipulation is a common element in the toolkit of abusers, narcissists, and bad actors of all types. Let expert criminal profiler and MasterClass instructor John ...

Oct 20, 2022


Intuition is the cognitive process by which you feel you can form a valid set of observations in a matter of seconds. Some refer to intuition as a sort of sixth sense, given its...

Oct 20, 2022


Fuzzy logic systems are decision-making approaches that consider all the information possible to allow for multiple concurrent truth values. Learn about the various applications...

Oct 14, 2022


Data scientists in different industries make use of time series to assist in data visualization and forecasting. These metrics track how much certain points of interest fluctuat...

Oct 13, 2022


This cognitive bias impedes mental shortcuts in finding creative solutions for using objects beyond their intended purpose.

Oct 13, 2022


When you form a hypothesis, you attempt to make better sense of the world and further scientific inquiry. You can do so through statistical analysis of random samples or by othe...

Oct 12, 2022