A story through line is a narrative technique that traces the main arcs, plot lines, and motivations of supporting and main characters, giving audiences and readers a better und...

Jul 22, 2022


Narrative structures come in many forms, and unique ones might have more than one main character, a delayed inciting incident, and a nonlinear storyline that challenges readers.

Jul 22, 2022


Sympathetic characters arouse the pity and care of readers and viewers. These characters can be supporting or main characters in a book, TV show, play, or film.

Jul 22, 2022


Fantasy romance exhibits many of the tropes of other romance novels, including love interests, sex scenes, and romantic subplots. Learn how to write romance into your fantasy st...

Jul 18, 2022


Good writing flow makes for an effortless reading experience and is essential to the quality of academic and creative writing. The best writers pay close attention to flow throu...

Jul 15, 2022


Writing sprints are a proven method for overcoming writer’s block and perfectionism. Learn how to incorporate writing sprints into your writing process.

Jun 21, 2022


A well-crafted metaphor uses consistent imagery ("hitting the nail on the head”); when you start mixing imagery ("hitting the nail on the nose"), you can create a type of malapr...

Jun 21, 2022


Fantastic new books don’t make bestselling authors: Marketing strategies and strong book promotion are essential to sell more books and reach a target audience.

Jun 21, 2022


Parody and pastiche offer different takes and commentaries on source material, usually to amuse an audience.

Jun 17, 2022