Carlos SantanaTeaches the Art and Soul of Guitar

Carlos Santana

Teaches the Art and Soul of Guitar
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Genre-defying legend Carlos Santana teaches his unique approach to playing, with bonus lessons on techniques, and words of inspiration for artists.


A downloadable workbook accompanies the class with exclusive tablature for Carlos’s improvised music and essential listening lists.


Learn on your own terms, at your own pace on mobile, desktop, or Apple TV.

Lesson Plan

  • 01


    Meet your new instructor: Grammy Award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana. In your first lesson, Carlos points to music’s higher purpose, and asks you to decide what role you want to play in making it real.

  • 02

    Practice as Musical Offering

    Learn Carlos’s strategies for acquainting yourself with your instrument, and growing more proficient and confident as an artist.

  • 03

    Going Inside the Note

    The key to accessing a listener’s heart through your music is to “go inside the note.” Carlos teaches you how to put everything you have into everything you play.

  • Show all 16 Lessons

    • 04

      Finding Your Sound

      What do you sound like? Learn how to combine your influences and dig inside yourself to uncover your unique voice on the guitar.

    • 05

      A Global Music Rolodex

      Carlos challenges you to think beyond the Western notion of classical music and explore some of his favorite musical influences from around the world.

    • 06

      Learning From the Blues

      If you can play the blues, you can play anything. Carlos shares his perspective on the blues masters, and provides you with techniques to infuse passion into your playing.

    • 07

      Opening Your Ears to Rhythm

      Rhythm is the canvas for melody. Carlos teaches you what he learned from watching conga players and incorporating other rhythmic traditions into his music.

    • 08

      Melody Is Supreme

      Learn Carlos’s strategies for writing a melody that moves listeners to their core.

    • 09

      The Music Beyond the Page

      Music is everywhere. Carlos teaches you to draw musical inspiration from people, voices, and anything else you experience in the world around you.

    • 10

      Leading and Playing in a Band

      Carlos teaches you his approach to building a passionate band, playing with vocalists, and participating in generous, fulfilling artistic collaborations.

    • 11

      Playing Live: Connecting With the Listener

      Learn Carlos’s approach to reeling in an audience, connecting with them on an individual level, and carrying them through an emotionally compelling performance.

    • 12

      Guitars, Amps and Sustain

      Take a tour through Carlos’s guitars and amps, and learn how he gets his famous sustain onstage.

    • 13

      Continuing Your Transformation

      To wrap up his MasterClass, Carlos encourages you to make the transition from part-time musician to full-time artist.

    • 14

      Bonus: Techniques

      Carlos gives additional tips—like how to use the pick for maximum effect, and how to keep time with the feet—and reminds you to incorporate it into your practice.

    • 15

      Bonus: Wisdom to Live By

      Throughout his life and career, Carlos has accrued a trove of wisdom. He shares his unique outlook on why music matters, and the importance of helping others.

  • 16

    Bonus: Music as Language

    Carlos explores the universal language of music, and how it connects us through time and space.

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Carlos Santana

Teaches the Art and Soul of Guitar

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