Itzhak PerlmanTeaches Violin

Itzhak Perlman

Teaches Violin
17+ Lessons, 12 min/lessonAll-levelsLesson Workbooks
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17+ Lessons

Virtuoso violinist Itzhak Perlman shares his techniques for building a richer sound and adding color and expression to every piece you play.


A downloadable workbook accompanies the class with beautiful illustrations, reading lists, and exercises for practicing musicians.


Learn on your own terms, at your own pace on mobile, desktop, or Apple TV.

Lesson Plan

  • 01


    Meet your new instructor: Grammy Award-winning violinist and conductor Itzhak Perlman. Mr. Perlman tells you how this class will differ from traditional violin master classes and how through teaching others, you can teach yourself.

  • 02

    The Bow

    Mr. Perlman starts with discussing the bow and its mechanics, including speed, pressure, and various bow holds.

  • 03

    Advanced Bowing and Left-Hand Techniques

    Building on bowing fundamentals, Mr. Perlman moves into advanced bow strokes and playing techniques, such as double-stops, harmonics, and higher positions.

  • Show all 19 Lessons

    • 04


      Perfect your intonation by training your ear to recognize sharp or flat notes. Mr. Perlman shares techniques for staying in tune and for tuning with other musicians.

    • 05


      Your vibrato is like your fingerprint. Learn how it can add richness, color, and emotion to your playing.

    • 06

      Comfort and Posture

      Playing the violin is a physical experience. Learn Mr. Perlman’s methods for staying comfortable and avoiding injury.

    • 07

      Color and Tone

      Mr. Perlman demonstrates how to produce musical “color” through bowing techniques, varying dynamics, and shifting.

    • 08

      The Color Game

      Mr. Perlman invites his current and former Juilliard students to a game that explores how to change an audience's perception of a phrase or piece by using musical color and other playing techniques.

    • 09

      Playing Different Styles

      There is a subtle art to playing a piece in various musical styles. Using selections from Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Bach, Mr. Perlman demonstrates romantic, classical, and baroque styles of playing.

    • 10

      The Performance Mindset

      From overcoming anxiety to achieving total focus, Mr. Perlman shares his tips for performing for a live audience.

    • 11

      Practice Essentials

      Practice is an essential part of growing as a violinist. Mr. Perlman discusses his methods of practicing that help improve technical ability.

    • 12

      The Three-Hour Practice Schedule

      Mr. Perlman breaks down his practice schedule hour by hour, exploring scales, exercises, études, and repertoire pieces.

    • 13

      Memorization and Practice: Student Q&A

      Mr. Perlman and students from Juilliard discuss their personal tips for improving memorization.

    • 14


      From communicating with a conductor to finding balance within an orchestra, Mr. Perlman shares how he collaborates with other musicians.

    • 15

      A Career in Music

      Mr. Perlman discusses the realities of standing out as a professional musician and how you can follow a variety of paths toward building a career in music.

    • 16

      Overcoming Barriers

      Anyone can become a great violinist with practice, dedication, and talent. Mr. Perlman shares his personal story and reminds you to separate your abilities from any barriers you may face.

    • 17

      Parting Thoughts

      Mr. Perlman offers his parting words and wishes you luck in pursuing the violin.

    • 18

      Bonus Chapter: For Parents and Teachers

      Finding the right teacher with the right teaching style can make all the difference. Mr. Perlman gives parents and teachers advice on how to nurture talent in aspiring violinists.

  • 19

    Bonus Chapter: Acquiring a Fine Instrument

    Mr. Perlman introduces you to his famed violin, the 1714 Soil Stradivarius, and explains how to select the right instrument for yourself.

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Itzhak Perlman

Teaches Violin

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