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You've been given the tools to help write your next book. Now what?

Topics include: We hope you feel inspired and excited by all the information James has shared!

You've been given the tools to help write your next book. Now what?

Topics include: We hope you feel inspired and excited by all the information James has shared!

James Patterson

James Patterson Teaches Writing

James teaches you how to create characters, write dialogue, and keep readers turning the page.

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Set out to write a best-selling book

James Patterson, the author of 19 consecutive No. 1 New York Times bestsellers, reveals his tricks of the trade for the very first time. In this course, he guides you through every part of the book writing process.

22 lessons totaling 3+ hours of video from James covering everything from starting your outline to getting published.

Each video lesson is paired with notes, reading materials, and assignments to make sure you get the most out of your class.

Submit your rough drafts and assignments for feedback from other students taking the class (and possibly James himself!).


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I thought it was great - I was surprised at how much it contained. It was exactly what I needed. I like that I can review it again as needed. Thanks!!

I absolutely love the concept of the Masterclasses! I have been wanting, longing really to write a book, but for so long, I had no idea how. There were some things that James validated for me, some more things that I learned. I believe God sends us His messages sometimes through people and taking these Masterclasses is just that. James, was a wonderful guide. I'm so grateful he is apart of this!

I'm loving every lesson. They are brilliant and explain the nuts and bolts of the writing process in a way that enables the viewer to learn what works

It's wonderful to be in the 'zone' again! Dedicating time to do something just because I love it ... I never thought it possible, but I have done it!



Absolute by far this class is one the best I haven taken of The Master Class series.

A fellow student

I thoroughly enjoyed James Patterson's class! As a former university professor and administrator, I rate him among the best in his field and learned so much from this class. I was inspired to hear him say that he is not locked into one genre or style of writing. As a self-published writer, I am energized to get my next books edited.

A fellow student

Erik Dean- self published author, Phoenix, AZ I have published four books and currently writing my fifth. James Patterson's class was very interesting and informative. His class has given me more tools, for my author toolbox. I liked his thought process, on how he approaches his projects. Thank you Mr. Patterson, for your insight into the literary world.

Cheyenne W.

I was given this course as a birthday present from my parents a few years ago, since they knew that I wanted to be an author. Without this class, I'm not sure if I would have ever published my first book. It's been almost two years since I started the course and I have already started my career as an author. At the beginning of this course, I took notes on everything that I could and sat down to write a book, which later became the second installment of the series I am currently working on. This class helped me develop my own method to outlining my stories and motivated me to go out into the world in search of inspiration, ideas, and opportunities. I began self-publishing in August of 2018 and it is all thanks to this class. Without the motivation and push that this course gave me, I would likely still be writing books without finishing them or sharing them with an audience.

Asta A.

I am writing my first novel, and now I need to rewrite it - thanks to your lessons!

George M.

I am a professional screenwriter who has gotten his work on the big screen. This class was brilliant!!!! Hollywood has made a big mistake in not using your expertise when they're making your books into films. And no none of the movies were even close to the quality of the novels. I read Along Came a Spider almost 30 years ago, well less a three or four years. I started reading the book at 11pm and didn't put it down until the next day around noon. It was an amazing experience and inspired me to write. Thank you, this class was simply great. You are amazing James Patterson!!!!

Ann S.

Thank you James, I got more out of your lessons than any of the lessons I have ever taken, including university and college classes. Your classes speak to the soul of writing, and are touchingly personal. I have worked on a novel for years, but I was on the verge of giving it up, because the story is based on real events but too unusual. You said the right things to make me realize a good thing may be off the beaten path and a little sideways, as long as it is well written, fast paced, has interesting characters who change, and it keeps the reader turning pages to the end. I love your novels!

ruth M.

This is my nudge. I have been writing all my life and I have three books published but have not been able to spend a lot of time with my craft as far as getting it out there because I have always felt the need to 'make sure' my son was provided for and I did not have enough confidence in my work to think it could support us. Recently, I have retired after 40 years of working in management. My son is successful and has a wonderful family and it is my turn to live out my dream. I am inspired by each chapter and have several manuscripts that I will be working on to revamp them so that they are ready for publication and I was looking for something to get me on the right path and these lessons have been great for me. I agree that when you give to other people and share the things you have learned you contribute to their life and your own work is enrichened by this experience. Thank you Ruth Ann Whitaker

A fellow student

Really enjoyed this class. Was so inspired by his passion for writing and his commitment to his craft. Have churned out 20,000 words in the past two weeks as a result of this class

A fellow student

Brilliant! I want to go back to the beginning and start all over. Even the Masterclass was a page turner, ha, ha!


I am peculiar, obviously, and that peculiarity has had its rewards. So I share things with you and you have to pick what's going to be relevant to you. I think, and I said this to somebody yesterday, that the things that seem the dumbest to you right now, the most foreign, that I'm just dead wrong, those are the things you really want to pay the most attention to and really analyze whether they-- because those are the things that are farthest from what you're doing now, and maybe the most interesting, and maybe the most beneficial. The things that seem like oh my God, that's really, that wouldn't work for me, or that's crazy. There's nothing I'm going to tell you that's crazy. That I will guarantee. I am crazy, but what I do is sane. People get too into, this is the way it's been, here's the rules of writing, here's the rules of literature, here's the rule-- who said? Really God does not come down and lay down, here are the 20 commandments of writing a story. And just because it's been done in a certain way forever does not necessarily mean it's right. And also means don't walk away from what's been done, but also you don't have to follow it blindly. Things change. We do new shit. Why am I doing this? I like the feeling of doing something that's going to help people. I just, I like giving pleasure to other people, whatever. That's not the worst thing in the world. There was a story in the San Francisco Chronicle at one point and a whale was kind of hopelessly trapped in a bunch of fishing lines and crab traps and whatever, and it was decided that the only way that they could get the whale out was a bunch of rescuers had to literally swim out there and start clipping away with little scissors all of these lines and ropes. And it took them half a day to get this whale loose and what happened is the whale did not swim out to sea, rather the whale went around, literally, from person to person, these rescuers, nudged them, and these people who rescued said that they would never forget that experience and it changed their lives. And that I think is what it's about to give to somebody else. And that's what really moves me. That kind of thing that I'm going to be out there and to some extent for some of you, it's what I'm saying will change your lives and free you from whatever's stopping you from writing your books or stopping you from writing them successfully. And that maybe you'll nudge me a little bit before you swim back out to sea and become famous.