Chapter 29 of 29 from Dr. Jane Goodall

Reasons for Hope (Cont'd)


Dr. Jane ends her MasterClass by reminding us that our work has just begun—and that our greatest tool for creating change is the one that we all share: the indomitable human spirit.

Topics include: The Indomitable Human Spirit • A Call to Action

Dr. Jane ends her MasterClass by reminding us that our work has just begun—and that our greatest tool for creating change is the one that we all share: the indomitable human spirit.

Topics include: The Indomitable Human Spirit • A Call to Action

Dr. Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation

In 29 lessons, Dr. Jane Goodall shares her insights into animal intelligence, conservation, and activism.

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“There is still a window of time. Nature can win if we give her a chance.” In her first ever online class, Dr. Jane Goodall teaches how you can conserve the environment. She also shares her research on the behavioral patterns of chimpanzees and what they taught her about conservation. You’ll learn how to “act locally” and protect the planet.

Watch, listen, and learn as legendary naturalist Dr. Jane Goodall shares decades of her work and observations.

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Dr. Jane Goodall has always been inspiring to me and hearing her speak first hand was a wonderful way to spend the evenings! I would like to learn more about the roots and shoots program and see if I can implement it locally here in my kids school.

I loved the conversational nature of the course. It's been a few years since I sat down with Jane in Bali but this medium is certainly the closest you'll find to actually being in the same room sharing poignant conversation with the good doctor herself.

What a great class! Yes, Dr. Goodall, your class leaves me feeling empowered, as well as informed and inspired. Thank you for so much good content. You have given so much more more than I was expecting. Thank you!

An incredibly moving and inspiring picture of what we need to do in order to become a better world. Change starts within each of us. Jane's style and story is beautiful and motivating.



A life well lived! What an inspiring masterclass. Thank you Dr Goodall for sharing your life's journey and for giving us hope . "every little change can make a difference" .

Nathalia B.

How lucky we are to have Dr. Jane Goodall. She's a real treasure and I dare to say that we all have become better human beings by watching her class. What a wonderful role model and hero.

Arissa Y.

Thank you for such an inspiring class. Dr. Jane is one of the real models that I would like to follow. Even a little change that changes the interaction with other people, environment, community, and country. I will carry this hope to others, a little goes long way......:)

Patricia V.

Dr Jane, thank you for all. It's very inspiring. We will continue sharing the indomitable human spirit. Bless you <3

A fellow student

When you are treated like a god you begin to think you are a god. Child in the UK with no animals. Secretary in Africa. Observer of chimps. Doctorate without undergraduate degrees. Global warming expert. Expert in US farming and politics. Criticizes American farmers for cutting down forests to create farms where there were no trees. Clothes made of synthetic fibers. Leaves a large carbon footprint with all of her travels. An expert in child psycology and learning. An expert in solar energy cells and knows that the cells require no energy to build and they produce free energy. Solar farms do not harm the environment. Knows all about heating in northern China and Korea. Knows that water can not be treated and reclaimed. Knows that chemicals are BAD. Animal science is good and all other science is bad. Doesn't make use of modern communications to reduce her carbon footprint. Is a Brit that doesn't like the President that we elected. WOW! All of this and she is a year younger than I am! HUMANS ARE ANIMALS, TOO.

Louanne F.

Wonderful masterclass - I've encouraged others to take this one. So inspiring to remember that we can all make a difference every day with every choice we make. Thank you, Dr. Goodall, for sharing your life experiences and philosophies with all of us.


Dr Jane you are an amazing and inspiring woman. Thank you for everything you have done so far and for passing on your experiences through this Master Class for others to learn from. Everyone can make their own personal contribution toward healing our planet but together we can make an impact. My personal project is encouraging local authorities to pass legislation that, from now on, planning permission for new buildings with flat roofs, (no matter whether private houses, public buildings, commercial or industrial premises) will only be granted if they include provision for a green roof, thus transfering the green land that has been concreted over to a higher level . The insulation they provide custs fuel costs in winter and air-conditioning in summer, helps absorb particles and CO2 emissions from the air, filters water and encourages biodiversity. Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" talks about "paving paradise to create a parking lot" and that was releassed in 1970!!!! Let's do something about it!

Gretchin D.

Such a wonderful reminder that we all can make a difference and that anything is possible. Thank you!


Dr. Jane Goodall’s Master Class is an intimate dialogue between teacher and student. Goodall’s life story is a life well lived by following her passion. Hopefully each of us take charge of our own lives and make ethical choices. Humanity can save itself and all of the living organisms on Earth if we make better choices, both small and large. There is hope, and within each of us is that indomitable spirit that can rise to greatness. Perhaps this class should be shown in schools, in offices, in governments, and in living rooms worldwide. Our interconnection is indisputable; we are ONE.

Yvette B.

I'm going to listen to this every week, every time I feel like I'm not making a difference! Thanks for the perfect pep talk <3


Finally, there's what I call the indomitable human spirit, and there are icons out there illustrating the indomitable human spirit. So when I first got to Cape Town, it was the height of apartheid. Nelson Mandela was already imprisoned. And now, of course, thanks in large part to Nelson Mandela and that indomitable spirit that wouldn't give up, apartheid has ended in South Africa. Is there still racial discrimination? Yes, there is racial discrimination just about everywhere. But at least the ugly regime of apartheid is ended. And so I carry around with me a little piece of the limestone from the quarry where Nelson Mandela was forced to physical labor for 11 of his 27 years of imprisonment in Robben Island. And this little piece of limestone, for me, is very precious because it illustrates that indomitable spirit. And there are people I know with tremendous physical disabilities who lead lives that are so inspirational. So I met one of them just four days ago. Chris Koch, he's a Canadian. He was born with no legs, just one sort of. I don't know. It's about this long, coming out of his thigh. His arms come to here. He has no hands. And this incredible man, he's so full of life. He goes around the world on a skateboard. He kicks off with the little limb that he has. And children come, and at first, they're a bit scared. And then he goes to places like Cambodia, Vietnam, and he showed me photographs. And as he goes along the street, the children follow him as though he's a Pied Piper. And they cluster around him, and they're amazed. And this indomitable spirit shines through. He's so full of life. And he said, I was put together this way for a reason, and I'm going to help others who have disabilities to understand that this is not the end. And I'm going to help people who don't have disabilities to stop pitying and to realize that we disabled people have a role to play. I met another extraordinary person who lost a leg and an arm because a landmine exploded in Cambodia. He was there in the armed forces. And so he had always wanted to run marathons, and he overcame the pain in his legs. He began running marathons, and he actually ran the most tough marathon in the world on his prosthetic leg. And that is the marathon across the Sahara Desert. Unbelievable that you can run across the Sahara Desert, and this is the piece of the sock that he put over the stump on his leg to stop the sand from rubbing him raw. What an amazing man. And at the same time, I've got this little bell. And this bell is made from a landmine that was diffused in Cambodia. And it's something that I ring on the International Day of Peace. And something else that's amazing. This indomitable human spirit that's able to tackle everything, and giant forest rats have been trained. And I've met them, and I've seen the trainer. ...