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When you finish this MasterClass and begin your next project, Judy urges you to foster the most powerful force in your writing life: your own imagination. As she says, “No one can have too much imagination—let alone a writer.”

Topics include: Closing Thoughts

When you finish this MasterClass and begin your next project, Judy urges you to foster the most powerful force in your writing life: your own imagination. As she says, “No one can have too much imagination—let alone a writer.”

Topics include: Closing Thoughts

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Judy Blume broke the rules. Her refreshingly honest children’s books were banned by hundreds of libraries—and loved by generations of readers, who bought 85 million copies of classics like Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret and Superfudge. In her first online class, the award-winning author teaches you how to invent vivid characters, write realistic dialogue, and turn your experiences into stories people will treasure.

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I feel more Confident as a writer now! I am more Okay with putting myself out there for the world to read and hear! :D Thanks a Lot Judy Blume! :D

I enjoy learning how other people obtain ideas. Although I don't get mine entirely the same way, it's nice knowing some of the ways are similar.

Truly amazing, thank you very much for your class!

I wrote one book that was never published, and now I feel ready to tear it apart and tackle it anew. Judy was an inspiration.


Della R.

This a wonderful Masterclass. Judy, you go the heart of so many issues facing a writer, and with so much honesty and emotion. It really resonates with me, thank you!

Nathan C.

OMG I think I cried every class!! She is so full of emotion and after a few classes it was easy to feel right along with her. I feel very inspired. I read Margaret as a child in the seventies and I forgot how much it helped me understand what girls go through. Thank you Judy, for then and for now.

Josh B.

Thank you Judy this was great. I learn a lot from you and you inspired me as well. Thank You Judy.

Francesca S.

Judy, I'm italian and I am listening to your classes from Italy. I've never read your books, but after this I'm going to read them for sure. You have a wonderful soul and I can only hope to reach my 80th birthday with the same energy and willingness to give back that you have. Thanks for all your precious advices!

theodora Z.

Thank you Judy for such an inspiring course, also thank you Masterclass for organising this. Judy your passion and honesty shone through in every lesson. I have learnt so much that I can start to put into practice with my own writing.

Hope A.

Thank you, Judy. Your words of encouragement and sharing your writing journey have meant more to me than any of those how-to-write-a-novel books I've picked up over the years. We each have to find our own way to write our novels. This has been the most difficult lesson for me to learn, but your story makes me realize that I will find my way. I can't wait to go to Key West and visit your bookstore.


Such a beautiful and memorable way to end this MasterClass. I too think of imagination as limitless - it has always been there for me to escape reality and create worlds of my own in times of loneliness - and has motivated me to begin writing and take chances on the stories in my head. Thank you so much for this wonderful class, Judy! You are such an incredible author and I feel so honored to have been taught by you with this website.

Betty M.

Ms. Blume, THANK YOU! I share your one can have too much imagination!


Thank you for inspiring me since I was a kid in the 70's-80's with your books, they were always my favorite and looked so forward to reading your books when they came out. They are so honest and real and brings back good memories thinking about your books. Thanks for the inspiration with writing - I have started the third draft on my book with renewed enthusiasm!

Kate C.

"Nobody can have too much imagination." Thank you, Judy. Your class was such an inspiration to me.


Imagination has always been such a part of my life. Every kid imagines. It's just that some stop, or it's not so important to them. But my childhood imagination-- my making up those stories in my head-- that's never stopped. And that's probably been the most powerful force in my life, that I have this thing-- that I have this imagination, that I'm able to conjure up people and stories. That's it for me. That's been my life. And I'm eternally grateful for wherever that came from. My husband says to me, Judy, you have too much imagination. And I just give him a grin and I think to myself, nobody can have too much imagination-- let alone a writer. There's no writer who has too much imagination. The best thing for you to do right now is to start writing, or get back to what you were writing. And don't think about it too much. Don't over-analyze it. Just let it happen. Just sit down, start doing it, and good luck. [MUSIC PLAYING]