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1. Meet Your Instructor

Emmy-winning “Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts welcomes you to her class, where she will teach you about negotiating, effective public speaking, body language, and how to authentically connect with your audience.

2. Make Your Mess Your Message

Robin explains what “make your mess your message” means to her and how it can help you. She also tells deeply personal stories about her cancer diagnosis and treatment.

3. Sharing and Embracing Vulnerability

Robin believes that vulnerability is strength. With archival footage of some of her most raw moments on camera—including during Hurricane Katrina—Robin shows you the power of being vulnerable.

4. Making an Authentic Connection

Connection starts with a genuine interest in people. Robin shares how going back to the basics, including good manners, helps you connect with people.

5. Public Speaking

If you’re going to speak in public, Robin recommends that you know your audience, don’t rely on a script, and use some power poses.

6. Interviewing for a Job

Robin walks you through her strategies for getting the job you want, including bringing ideas, being sincere, and asking for advice.

7. Communicating Your Value at Work

How do you make the most out of your situation at work? Robin encourages you to know your worth, focus on standing out, find allies, and more.

8. Behind-the-Scenes at Good Morning America

Get an intimate look at the inner workings of “Good Morning America” as Robin shares a day on set.

9. Communicating for Television

Robin reveals her approach to communicating for TV, including focusing on storytelling, letting your authenticity shine, and choosing people over process.

10. Interviewing People for TV

Robin breaks down some of her most memorable interviews, including with Selma Blair, President Barack Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

11. Living Life With Optimism and Resiliency

Robin imparts some of her most poignant lessons about building optimism, how to change the way you feel, and how to enjoy the process.

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts Teaches Effective and Authentic Communication

Millions of people spend their mornings with Robin Roberts, one of today’s most beloved broadcasters. Now the Emmy-winning “Good Morning America” co-anchor is sharing how she creates unforgettable moments through human connection. Learn how to communicate effectively, whether it’s in front of an audience, at work, or with those you love. Start embracing vulnerability, building resilience, and living life with optimism.

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Masterclass is $15/month (billed annually)

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Masterclass is $15/month (billed annually)