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Recipe: Farro Salad with Roasted Carrots


Take your vegetables to the next level. Wolfgang shows you how to roast carrots to bring out their natural sweetness, and how to cleverly use the oft-discarded carrot tops. Finish this vibrant farro salad with orange yogurt vinaigrette.

Topics include: Roasted Carrots • Farro Salad • Orange Yogurt Vinaigrette

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I got so excited at the farmer's market. I saw some beautiful carrots. I saw some beautiful blood oranges. On the way home, I said I'm going to make a special salad. Now, I love grains, orzo, farro, or Israeli couscous, or quinoa, whatever you have, or even brown rice will make a delicious salad. I'm going to show you how to use everything you buy at the market in a new way. So I'm going to make a farro salad with roasted carrots. I'm going to roast the carrots really, really heavy so you'll get all the sweetness. The sugar of the carrots are going to be concentrated, and it's going to taste delicious. So it's so simple and easy. Now, farro, as you can see, is a grain. You look at that here. And then you boil it for about 15 minutes, and it looks like cooked rice here. See that? So that's easy. I don't have to show you how to boil farro for 15 minutes. So it's a waste of time here. So let's start with our carrots. We're going to heat up a pan, and then I'm going to add a garlic clove. I love shallots too, so I'm going to add two shallots to it, and then we're going to get some carrots. Look at that. I just washed the carrots. Now, you can take off the little roots at the end because they tend to dry out, and we're going to throw that right in here. See that? [SIZZLING] Going to squeeze some lemon on it. [SIZZLES] And I'm even going to throw in one piece of lemon. So if you don't have really good carrots, add a little dash of sugar. But we are so lucky in California, we have the best carrots. All right, so now all I have to do is preheat my oven to about 450 degrees, and roast the carrots. So that's so simple, but if you have never tasted roasted carrots until they're caramelized, you're going to be in for a treat. I roast them at home just to serve them as a vegetable because they taste so much better than boiled carrots. You know, if you put carrots in water, what happens? All the flavor and all the nutrients go out into the water. But if you concentrate all the flavors here, the sugar in the vegetables, it will be a different story. So let's put them in the oven. All right, so now we're going to make our vinaigrette, our dressing. So I have some yogurt, AND then I'm going to add a little shallots, finely chopped, some blood orange peel. All right, and then here, instead of using parsley or any other herb, I'm going to use the green from the carrot tops, really. So that's really very tasty, and also edible. Most of the time, people will just throw it away. [MIXING] OK, if you have a microplane, you can grate a little more zest in here if you like to. All right. So, and then, this is a blood orange here. You can see how beautiful they are. [SLICING] You can juice it, or if you don't have blood oranges, what you do is you just use regular oranges, but I love the color of the...

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Wolfgang Puck

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