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Science & Technology


A sense of humor can be an effective teaching tool in any learning environment. Whether you’re teaching middle school, high school, or college (or simply a public speaker trying...

Aug 27, 2020


Have you always had a fascination with planets, black holes, and meteors? If so, you should explore the possibility of working in the field of astronomy. Whether your interests ...

Aug 17, 2020


Though you may hear the terms "theory" and "hypothesis" used interchangeably, these two scientific terms have drastically different meanings in the world of science.

Aug 17, 2020


Engaging in discussions can sometimes be challenging—whether you’re giving a lecture in front of a large crowd or merely trying to learn how to communicate ideas better when tal...

Aug 12, 2020


Confirmation biases are a type of cognitive bias that affects how we process information, recall information, and our entire decision-making process. Biases influence our person...

Jul 27, 2020


Cognitive biases are inherent in the way we think, and many of them are unconscious. Identifying the biases you experience and purport in your everyday interactions is the first...

Jul 27, 2020


Leadership is a big responsibility—but if you’re commanding the planet’s only space station, it’s vital that you take the responsibility seriously and know how to be an effectiv...

Dec 12, 2019


The birth of the Space Shuttle program marked one of the biggest leaps forward in the field of space exploration. The Space Shuttle was the first spacecraft that was designed to...

Oct 9, 2019

Space ship launching into space

Long before NASA and its Russian counterparts launched the twentieth-century space race with rocket programs like Apollo and Soyuz, humankind has long dreamed of breaking beyond...

Sep 17, 2019

Chris Hadfield standing next to astronaut suit