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Everyone processes information differently. For visual learners, mind maps can be a particularly effective method for organizing and absorbing information. Mind mapping is a fun...

Feb 21, 2020


Strong interpersonal communication skills are more than just something you put on the cover letter of your job application: They’re a necessary component of working in any profe...

Feb 21, 2020


A transformational leader is easy to recognize: someone who takes charge, lays out a clear plan, and inspires others to follow them towards a common goal. Transformational leade...

Feb 21, 2020


Negotiation skills aren’t just for businesspeople. Negotiation training comes in handy in a variety of real-world situations, whether at work (like negotiating a job offer) or a...

Feb 21, 2020


Raising money is challenging. Find investors who share your values, and who can be relied on when things get difficult.

Feb 21, 2020


Robert Greenleaf published his essay “The Servant as Leader” in 1970, effectively coining the term “servant leader.” The essay details how there’s more to being a leader than de...

Feb 21, 2020


Understanding the art of negotiating is a key skill that everyone needs, whether you’re engaging in business negotiations or haggling at a dealership. In order to get the ideal ...

Feb 21, 2020


When a problem arises at work or in your personal life, being able to get down to the root cause of that problem will help you avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Feb 21, 2020


When it comes to making high-stakes decisions, it’s important to correctly identify the choices at hand, gather all available information, and make the most informed decision po...

Feb 21, 2020