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Shonda Rhimes is a game-changing showrunner with an eye for primetime hits. From the writers’ room to the producer’s chair, Shonda is dedicated to developing larger-than-life ch...

Sep 23, 2022


Located on the Greenwich Peninsula in England, the Millennium Dome (also known as the O2) is one of the largest dome structures in the world. The building has had a fraught hist...

Sep 23, 2022


Through vocal exercises and singing lessons, artists can learn singing techniques and warm-ups necessary to move comfortably from chest voice to head voice. Learn the difference...

Sep 23, 2022


Organizational ethics represent the ethical standards of a business, which shape company morale, corporate culture, and work environment standards. Learn about the benefits of p...

Sep 23, 2022


Bioplastics are made from renewable resources, and many are also biodegradable, meaning they can decompose quicker and emit fewer emissions than traditional plastics made with f...

Sep 23, 2022


The goal of science is to help the general public better understand natural phenomena, from the underlying physical laws of the universe to the neuroscience at the basis of huma...

Sep 23, 2022


Economists break class structures down into categorical thirds, with the middle class sitting between lower-income and upper-income groups.

Sep 23, 2022


Indra Nooyi worked at PepsiCo for a dozen years until she got the top job. During her tenure as CEO, she oversaw multiple initiatives to acquire new brands, achieve greater sust...

Sep 22, 2022


Marques Brownlee is one of the biggest vloggers and tech reviewers in the world. His channel MKBHD has more than fifteen million subscribers worldwide, with viewers drawn to his...

Sep 22, 2022