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Meditation is an ancient practice of mindfulness and breathing that supports mental health and wellness. You can also use meditation as a remedy for sleep problems. Learn how to...

Jan 26, 2021


Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled sex toys can help to make couples in long-distance relationships feel connected from afar.

Jan 26, 2021


Our sleep patterns and how we function during the day and night are determined by our chronotypes—whether we are hardwired to be “early birds” or “night owls.” Identifying your ...

Jan 26, 2021


Every living organism on the planet needs sleep, even if it’s a small amount. Sleep is an integral component of human health, and sleep loss can adversely affect the way we func...

Jan 26, 2021


Experts say short naps can increase relaxation, reduce fatigue, improve mood and mental health. Still, their reputation as a sign of laziness has led many to gloss over napping’...

Jan 25, 2021


There is no singular way to write a novel. For author Walter Mosley, there are many ways writers can break into their story and develop a narrative that grips and entertains aud...

Jan 25, 2021


From missionary to doggy-style, there are various sex positions that sexual partners use in the bedroom for mutual pleasure. Learn more about the lotus position, a customizable ...

Jan 22, 2021


Anal sex toys can help you build your way up to anal intercourse, enhance your solo play, or add a new layer of sensation during sex with your partner.

Jan 22, 2021


Exploring nipple play is a great way to deepen your sexual experience during foreplay, masturbation, or penetrative sex.

Jan 22, 2021