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Professional wedding photographers are responsible for capturing all the best shots at a wedding ceremony. To succeed in the wedding photography business, you need to have patie...

Sep 23, 2020


For men’s fashion, a well-tailored suit is one of the most essential items in your capsule wardrobe. Even if you don’t have a corporate job, a suit is always in fashion and can ...

Sep 23, 2020


For a story to stand the test of time, it must feel relevant beyond the era in which it was created—but that doesn’t mean it can’t incorporate pop culture references. Timeless w...

Sep 23, 2020


Before you manufacture a new product, you need to test it. Testing, or prototyping, is a vital part of the product development process. The most effective testing method for mos...

Sep 23, 2020


Minor scales are as old as Western music itself. All styles of music use minor scales to produce melodies, riffs, and chord progressions.

Sep 23, 2020


Making your own pasta at home doesn't have to be complicated. Learn how to mix, knead, and roll fresh pasta dough.

Sep 23, 2020


If stir-frying isn't already one of your favorite weeknight cooking techniques, get started with this easy chicken stir-fry recipe.

Sep 23, 2020


Ever wonder what the result of taking a MasterClass is? MasterClass members from around the globe come together in the MasterClass Community to share their class-inspired food. ...

Sep 23, 2020


In music, ornamentation allows performers to add expression to their playing. One popular musical ornament is the grace note—a note with a very small time value that serves as a...

Sep 23, 2020