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If you’re preparing for an afternoon of baking cookies, you may notice a recipe that asks for baking chocolate. Baking chocolate typically refers to unsweetened or bittersweet c...

Dec 10, 2019


Created by the assistant director, a call sheet outlines the schedule for every shoot day during filming. Making a call sheet takes a lot of coordinating, but it’s a necessary s...

Dec 10, 2019


Location scouting is finding real places to serve as the fictional locations described in a film’s screenplay. In filmmaking, the right location supports the narrative and helps...

Dec 10, 2019


Having a conversation with a few friends at once can be fun, fast, and full of crosstalk and chit-chat. For a fiction writer, writing dialogue between multiple characters in one...

Dec 10, 2019


One of the most robust and dedicated groups of readers in today’s market are young adult readers. Comprised of middle school and high school students, these young people tend to...

Dec 10, 2019


There is nothing quite like fish stock—it has a delicate fish flavor that provides the backbone to our favorite seafood dishes like creamy cod chowder, seafood paella, and fish ...

Dec 10, 2019


Edamame, in their fuzzy pods, are an easy snack. The bright green soybeans with a firm bite are fun to eat and make a healthy treat for anyone wanting to incorporate plant-based...

Dec 10, 2019


Nigella seeds are tiny black seeds that are big on flavor and add piquancy to a range of dishes—from Indian curries to Middle Eastern flatbreads. Give them a toast in a dry skil...

Dec 10, 2019


Throughout the day, humans are called upon to draw general conclusions from limited sets of information. Such a process is called inductive generalization. Inductive generalizat...

Dec 10, 2019