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Vocal training exercises are necessary for aspiring vocalists who want to become professional singers or simply preserve their singing voices. Read on to learn how to train your...

Jan 7, 2022


Crunk music brought a Southern party vibe to hip-hop in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Learn about the music genre’s history, biggest hits, and prominent performers.

Jan 3, 2022


Finding your singing voice can take a bit of practice, but with the right warm-ups and exercises, you can find your vocal classification and become a better singer. Read on to l...

Dec 22, 2021


Milonga refers to a musical genre, an Argentine ballroom dance similar to the tango, and a popular event where people dance tangos, vals, or milongas. Discover the characteristi...

Dec 21, 2021


For the best sound, a piano needs tuning twice a year. If you’re a new piano owner or an aspiring pianist, you may want to do it yourself. Read on to learn how to tune a piano.

Dec 15, 2021


If you aim to play drums in touring bands and professional recording sessions, learning to read drum sheet music is essential.

Dec 14, 2021


If you’ve ever tried to sing along with a song and discovered your own singing voice sounds much lower than the vocalist’s, you’ve noticed how two different people can have diff...

Dec 9, 2021


Screaming is a style of singing used in hardcore music genres to increase the intensity of the music. While screaming is often harsh on the vocal cords, you can help minimize da...

Dec 8, 2021


Audio engineers play an integral role in music production. From capturing live sound to mixing music recordings to navigating the technical aspects of audio equipment, a job in ...

Dec 7, 2021