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Stride is a difficult left-hand jazz piano technique to master, but the flashy and exuberant style is perfect for entertaining a crowd of listeners.

Mar 2, 2021


The rise in popularity of jazz music during the big band swing era faded with the ascent of bebop, which was too experimental and complex to have widespread appeal. When the smo...

Mar 2, 2021


When bebop music first hit the jazz scene, it didn't suit everybody's tastes—its fast pace and experimental nature meant it wasn't danceable. Bebop, which was more cerebral than...

Feb 23, 2021


Since the 1960s, progressive rock has pushed the boundaries of rock n' roll music to incorporate longer song forms, conceptual lyrics, and advanced composition techniques.

Feb 4, 2021


K-pop idol groups are a global phenomenon, with millions of diehard fans all over the world. In the last two decades, the K-pop industry has become a cultural sensation, continu...

Jan 14, 2021


The Caribbean islands have produced some of the most popular and influential world music—including calypso, a genre of Caribbean music from the island of Trinidad.

Dec 9, 2020


Swiss composer and music educator Émile Jaques-Dalcroze believed that rhythmic movement is a critical component to both music-making and learning music. Using this guiding princ...

Dec 8, 2020


Hungarian composer and pedagogue Zoltán Kodály believed music education could engage students on a spiritual, cultural, and emotional level. With these values in mind, Kodály an...

Dec 8, 2020


Medieval music covers a long period of music history that lasted throughout the Middle Ages and ended at the time of the Renaissance. The history of classical music begins in th...

Dec 7, 2020