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When you're producing a multi-part musical recording, you'll need to make sure that all of the individual tracks sync with one another when layered together. Since individual pl...

Oct 20, 2020


If you're an aspiring musician stuck in a creative rut and unable to write new music, you're not alone. Even successful professional musicians like St. Vincent struggle to overc...

Oct 20, 2020


In 1925, drum instructor Sanford Moeller wrote a manual on the art of snare drumming that, over time, became one of the most influential approaches to playing drums. Nearly 100 ...

Oct 9, 2020


Natural harmonics, which come from the vibration of an open string, and artificial harmonics, which you produce with your picking hand while fretting a string, both generate gor...

Oct 1, 2020


Son Cubano is a style of Afro-Cuban music that forms the bedrock for most forms of salsa music and Latin jazz.

Sep 29, 2020


Salsa can be a blanket term to describe the dance music that comes out of Latin America and the Caribbean, but more precisely, salsa music is a Cuban-influenced genre created in...

Sep 29, 2020


Minor chords and minor-key music use notes from minor scales. There are three types of minor scales in music theory: the natural minor scale, the harmonic minor scale, and the m...

Sep 29, 2020


All styles of Western music use minor scales to produce melodies, chord progressions, and motifs. There are three types of minor scales in music theory: the natural minor scale,...

Sep 29, 2020


Minor-key music exists in a broad array of musical genres, and the sound of minor chords and the minor scale can evoke sadness, eeriness, and suspense. There are three types of ...

Sep 28, 2020