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Science & Tech


Learn about the representativeness heuristic, a concept in the social sciences that affects decisionmaking.

Jan 18, 2022


The notion of a paradigm shift first originated in the philosophy of science. Since then, this phrase—meaning a revolutionary and dramatic change in assumptions—spread to social...

Jan 14, 2022


The autonomic nervous system regulates much of the body's unconscious activity, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and digestion.

Dec 14, 2021


In an age of over-information, how do you distinguish between fact and fiction, useful data and fluff, valid inquiry and misleading rhetoric? Bill Nye, a mechanical engineer and...

Nov 29, 2021


Minimizing global climate change is necessary to secure a better future for our planet and to ensure that it remains habitable for all humans, animals, and plants. The steps to ...

Nov 19, 2021


Learn about the availability heuristic, an important concept in cognitive psychology that has relevance in everyday life.

Nov 18, 2021


You can be guilty of anchoring bias when you base your judgment about an end result on the starting point of a conversation or some other factor that does not necessarily correl...

Oct 27, 2021


With his profound experiences and his accessible and entertaining videos, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has become a beloved and celebrated figure in the space community.

Sep 24, 2021


Groupthink results when a group supports or opts not to refute a decision to maintain cohesion. Learn about the characteristics of this phenomenon and its origins.

Sep 10, 2021