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Science & Tech


In a high-stress learning environment or work environment, an onslaught of new information can lead to a near shutdown of your thinking capacity. This effect is known as cogniti...

Oct 19, 2020


The Fibonacci sequence is a pattern of numbers that reoccurs throughout nature.

Oct 14, 2020


The weight of our atmosphere has a direct impact on our daily lives, affecting everything from how much oxygen our lungs absorb to the weather patterns around us.

Oct 9, 2020


Understanding your biases and assumptions is crucial to clear thinking and scientific literacy. All of us, no matter our education, intellectual commitment, or good intentions, ...

Sep 29, 2020


If you’ve ever seen an image that resembles a human face in the pattern of your wallpaper, then you have experienced a form of apophenia. This concept involves seeing a meaningf...

Sep 29, 2020


The scientific method involves formulating hypotheses and testing them to see if they hold up to the realities of the natural world. Successfully proven hypotheses can lead to e...

Sep 28, 2020


The ability to identify the various biases in our lives is the first step to understanding how our mental processes work. In science specifically, researchers try to identify bi...

Sep 21, 2020


A sense of humor can be an effective teaching tool in any learning environment. Whether you’re teaching middle school, high school, or college (or simply a public speaker trying...

Aug 27, 2020


Have you always had a fascination with planets, black holes, and meteors? If so, you should explore the possibility of working in the field of astronomy. Whether your interests ...

Aug 17, 2020