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Sports & Gaming


Working out and stretching are great for maintaining our physique, but there are other methods of activity that can also improve our physical form and wellness. Learn about bloo...

Jan 8, 2021


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has gained adherents in the world of professional sports and among people looking for quick workouts. HIIT workouts provide cardiovascula...

Jan 6, 2021


The king is the most important piece in chess (there’s a reason it’s called the “king,” after all), and every chess strategy revolves in some way around finding ways to protect ...

Dec 17, 2020


Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is well-known for his intense practice routine. “There's one thing that all great shooters have in common, and that's complete control o...

Dec 17, 2020


Whether you're a runner aiming to increase your endurance or a bodybuilder implementing a strength-training program, consistent hard work is the key to successful athletic devel...

Dec 15, 2020


Getting regular exercise allows you to work out various muscle groups and improve your cardiovascular health. An optimal workout routine or training program also includes a post...

Dec 14, 2020


While tough workouts can improve your fitness level and overall wellness, the human body cannot sustain long stretches of intense daily training sessions. To avoid overtraining,...

Dec 14, 2020


Gone are the days when skateboarders like Tony Hawk had to enter and win skate competitions to make a name for themselves. The internet and social media give everyone a platform...

Dec 13, 2020


The different muscle groups in our bodies serve a variety of functions. One of the most important muscle groups in the body is the anterior chain, which controls forward movemen...

Dec 13, 2020