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When you have a healthy sense of self-value, you can confidently share your perspectives with those around you and behave in accordance with your true self. Here, Formula 1 race...

Aug 26, 2022


Camping in the winter can be rewarding. Read on to learn the benefits of winter camping, as well as what gear you should consider packing and tips for staying safe.

Aug 9, 2022


Like Morse code, the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) phonetic alphabet serves as a communication template for different industries, including amateur radio and the mil...

Aug 3, 2022


Strides are short bursts of running you can perform as part of recovery runs or drills. This running technique can benefit your form and overall fitness.

Jul 29, 2022


If you’ve ever spent time at a barre in a ballet class, or seen a professional ballet company perform classics such as Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty, you know that turns are one ...

Jun 16, 2022


Mile repeats are a running workout that can help improve your race day performance. If you’re training for a race, consider incorporating mile repeats into your training program.

Jun 14, 2022


Using the proper technique to lace your running shoes is key to supporting your feet during a jog. Learn how to lace running shoes with these easy step-by-step instructions.

Jun 13, 2022


Cadence refers to the number of steps you take in a given amount of time. Learn about the importance of this performance metric and how to improve your running cadence.

Jun 9, 2022


In a survival scenario, downing an animal could mean the difference between life and death. Survivalists who hunt will likely want to harvest every cut of meat from a deer so th...

Jun 9, 2022