Inking your first comic requires compelling character designs, an exciting narrative, and panel templates or original structures to house your comic book story. Learn about the ...

Aug 26, 2022


UX writers provide copy for digital products. Whenever you interact with a digital interface, such as a mobile app or the screen in your car, the odds are that a UX writer has w...

Aug 4, 2022


Grief is a complex emotion, and writing about grief is equally complicated. Learn how to effectively imbue your character’s arc with loss, yearning, and emotional depth by follo...

Aug 3, 2022


To write a realistic fiction story, you must build a world that feels true to life. Get your creative juices flowing with these realistic fiction story ideas, and you’ll be one ...

Jul 29, 2022


A plot structure outlines a series of events, each of which unfolds as a sequence of cause and effects across the beginning, middle, and end of a story.

Jul 28, 2022


Metaphor and personification are two literary devices writers use to describe characters, set scenes, and reveal themes. Learn about the differences between the two terms.

Jul 27, 2022


Coming up with fictional character traits and personalities for the first time can seem almost impossibly daunting. Still, with enough creativity and dedication, you can write d...

Jul 26, 2022


The only way to get better at writing is to practice. Essay-writing exercises—such as writing prompts, sample essays, and worksheets—help budding writers improve their writing s...

Jul 25, 2022


Like any good story, graphic novels need rich characters, strong dialogue, and impressive visuals to grip the reader. The writing process can include storyboarding, summarizing,...

Jul 22, 2022