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American writer Joyce Carol Oates has penned a number of stories and novels across a variety of genres throughout her award-winning career.

Apr 12, 2021


Author James Patterson is a bestselling novelist many times over, whose work is characterized by minimalistic prose, thrilling and mysterious plots, and short chapters.

Apr 12, 2021


Pastiche is an artistic device that has been used by many writers, musicians, and filmmakers to pay homage to an artistic piece that has inspired them.

Apr 8, 2021


In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, modernist literature was the central literary movement. However, after World War II, a new school of literary theory,...

Apr 6, 2021


Marked by straightforward, simplistic prose, literary minimalism is a popular creative writing style.

Apr 2, 2021


Roxane Gay is a preeminent writer, and much of her work centers on analyzing pop culture. Here are some of her tips for writing about modern media and culture.

Mar 25, 2021


The writers’ room is where a television writing staff brainstorms every element of a television show, from story arcs to character development, and more.

Mar 18, 2021


Poet Billy Collins has earned a number of awards and widespread critical acclaim for his work. He continues to write poetry that appeals to a broad range of audiences today.

Mar 17, 2021


Around the mid-to-late twentieth century, writers and critics began to categorize literature into two categories: minimalist and maximalist. Minimalist works and maximalist work...

Mar 17, 2021