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Titian’s method of painting and use of color had a significant impact on the history of painting in Italy and the history of European art.

Jan 18, 2022


Singing from your diaphragm is a singing technique in which singers maximize their lung capacity by controlling their breathing. Learn how to sing from your diaphragm.

Jan 14, 2022


While some people manage to shake off mild stage fright, others find the fear of public speaking to be debilitating. If you're afraid of public speaking, there are steps you can...

Jan 6, 2022


Behind the scenes of every performing arts show, you’ll find a stage manager hard at work. These professionals acquaint themselves with all aspects of theater productions to mak...

Jan 5, 2022


Special effects create movie illusions without using computer-generated imagery. Learn about different types of special effects and their long history here.

Dec 22, 2021


Rather than drawing an emotional connection to a character based on personal experiences, Stella Adler encouraged actors to research and use their imaginations to help them deve...

Dec 22, 2021


Throughout history, mysticism has received criticism and praise, depending on people's beliefs or skepticism toward magic, the afterlife, and extrasensory perception or ESP. Lea...

Dec 22, 2021


Slates are an important part of every audition. They let the viewers know who you are and what role you’ll perform. Whether you are self-taping an on-camera audition or performi...

Dec 21, 2021


A cowboy shot lends visual power and intensity to characters in a motion picture. Learn how to create this camera angle and see some of its best examples.

Dec 20, 2021