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Pop filters improve the sound quality of your recordings by reducing or eliminating popping sounds from vocal performances.

Sep 23, 2021


Today, celluloid film is a bit of a novelty. But when it was invented at the end of the nineteenth century, it was the first and only way to easily capture moving images. Cellul...

Sep 20, 2021


Sports movies encompass an expansive collection of films with a central storyline involving sports or athletes.

Sep 20, 2021


Special effects artists can use computer-generated imagery to create animation, composite images, and even de-age actors in films.

Sep 20, 2021


Film grain refers to a textural component of photochemical film that can be recreated as an aesthetic for digital images.

Sep 20, 2021


The technique of rotoscoping allows animators and filmmakers to create realistic animations and visual effects.

Sep 20, 2021


When a television show or movie shifts focus from the foreground to the background or reveals an object or character previously out of focus, this is known as a rack focus. Lear...

Sep 20, 2021


Music photography captures the energy and excitement of performers at their most creative. Learn the rules and requirements for entering the field and capturing photos.

Sep 17, 2021


Bomba dance is a Puerto Rican dance with African roots where the dancers lead the musicians through lively improvisation and instantaneous creativity.

Sep 17, 2021