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Comedians might make coming up with ideas for a stand-up set seem easy, but forming this raw material into funny jokes that make the audience laugh takes a lot of hard work. Pra...

Oct 15, 2020


Professional video editors use J-cuts and L-cuts to provide a smooth transition from one clip to another.

Oct 14, 2020


Casting is an essential part of the pre-production process that involves holding auditions to fill key and background roles for a film or TV project.

Oct 13, 2020


When filmmakers light their movie sets, they generally choose from five different light sources: natural sunlight, hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide (HMI) lighting, fluorescent ligh...

Oct 13, 2020


Before the age of green screens and CGI visual effects, filmmakers relied on live-action practical effects to make the impossible look possible. While digital effects are now co...

Oct 7, 2020


RAW format is a digital image format for digital cameras and some smartphone camera apps. While RAW capture produces much larger file sizes, it offers the uncompressed image fil...

Oct 7, 2020


For photographers who use manual focus, an interesting option exists on your lens's focus ring: the infinity focus setting.

Oct 7, 2020


Taking beautiful photos during a rainstorm requires skill, persistence, and creative ways of approaching your subject.

Oct 7, 2020


Professional acting is a career path that requires tenacity, preparation, patience, luck, and impeccable timing. As an aspiring actor, you must take a professional approach to t...

Oct 2, 2020