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A pioneer of everything from found objects to silkscreening, artist Robert Rauschenberg served as a significant source of inspiration for several different artistic disciplines ...

May 6, 2021


Form is one of the principles of art that dictates how artists represent dimensional shapes in two-dimensional or three-dimensional art.

May 4, 2021


Tenebrism is a dramatic painting style associated with seventeenth-century Italian and Spanish visual art.

May 4, 2021


If you've ever watched a biographical film about the life of a famous person, chances are you’ve watched a biopic. But what exactly makes a biopic a biopic?

May 4, 2021


Van Gogh was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter whose work, most famously Starry Night, gained notoriety posthumously in the late twentieth century.

Apr 30, 2021


Award-winning filmmaker Mira Nair has directed, written, and produced several documentary and narrative films.

Apr 29, 2021


The Renaissance art movement produced many significant trends, and chief among them was the moral philosophy known as humanism. This philosophy greatly influenced art of the per...

Apr 29, 2021


Bauhaus design was born out of an influential German school of the fine and applied arts that opened immediately following World War I. The school closed with the events leading...

Apr 28, 2021


Roughly concurrent with the much-studied Italian Renaissance of the fifteenth century, a distinct artistic movement swept through many parts of Northern Europe and produced time...

Apr 27, 2021