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Usher has had a decades-long career in R&B. Learn about Usher’s start in the entertainment industry, plus his award-winning discography and approach to performing.

Dec 8, 2022


The Meisner Technique is an approach to acting that focuses on emotional connection and instinctual behavior. Learn about the history of the technique and how actors practice it...

Nov 29, 2022


We all approach creativity from different perspectives. See which types of creativity fits your personality, and how you can foster and inspire it.

Nov 9, 2022


Drama undertakes the recreation of life onstage, along with all the additional circumstances life entails. These given circumstances—like where a person is from or when a play t...

Nov 3, 2022


Whether a sitcom or a procedural, every TV show begins with a pilot episode. Learn how pilots can make or break a show and how they got their name.

Oct 27, 2022


Character development is essential for any fiction writing, whether film, television, short stories, or novels. Read on for the definition of character development and writing t...

Sep 27, 2022


Shonda Rhimes is a game-changing showrunner with an eye for primetime hits. From the writers’ room to the producer’s chair, Shonda is dedicated to developing larger-than-life ch...

Sep 23, 2022


Marques Brownlee is one of the biggest vloggers and tech reviewers in the world. His channel MKBHD has more than fifteen million subscribers worldwide, with viewers drawn to his...

Sep 22, 2022


Comedian, actress, and filmmaker Issa Rae discusses the importance of genuine portrayals of people of color in Hollywood. Learn about the importance of media representation, plu...

Sep 15, 2022