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Design & Style


The elements of design are the building blocks of what a visual artist or graphic designer uses to make a successful composition.

May 11, 2021


There are a number of different methods you can use to dry flowers that anyone can try at home.

May 11, 2021


Typefaces can set the mood of digital writing, web design, graphic design, headlines, advertisements, logos, and more.

May 10, 2021


From the Grand Tetons to Charakusa in Pakistan, adventure photographer Jimmy Chin has gone on expeditions and shot photos worldwide.

May 10, 2021


Collage is a unique and creative art form that allows artists to create visually striking and memorable projects.

May 7, 2021


By combining images, printed material, and even found objects, artists can create striking works of collage that dazzle the eye and offer a unique perspective on the nature of a...

May 7, 2021


Wireframing is a time-saving web design tool for creating user interface-driven products like websites.

May 6, 2021


Needlepoint is a great way to make DIY decorations, embellishing clothing items, or one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family.

Apr 30, 2021


From his creative influence at legacy American and French fashion houses to the work he’s created for his eponymous label, designer Marc Jacobs has brought his colorful, creativ...

Apr 20, 2021