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Design & Style


The austere translucent dividers known as shoji doors or shoji screens are a mainstay of shoin-zukuri style Japanese architecture.

Oct 20, 2020


Crocheting is a skill that allows you to make your own yarn items, and you only need a single hook, some patience, and yarn to get started.

Oct 15, 2020


Adding a print or a pattern to your look is an easy way to elevate any outfit, and there’s a world of different prints and patterns to explore. Whether you want to wear plaid wi...

Oct 13, 2020


A capsule wardrobe is a collection of classic pieces that work together with versatility, allowing you to create look after look with a few key items. Incorporating the right sh...

Oct 13, 2020


For many years, the fashion world has used color theory to determine the “right” colors to wear according to your skin tone, hair color, or eye color. However, world-class fashi...

Oct 13, 2020


A-frame houses are popular in rural, wooded areas with snowy winters, and they provide just enough living space while integrating beautifully with the natural world.

Oct 8, 2020


Learn more about one of the most common dress codes for working professionals: smart casual.

Oct 7, 2020


Taking your clothes to a great tailor is the best way to make any outfit look professional and polished. However, with patience, a measuring tool, and a sewing machine, you can ...

Oct 7, 2020


When searching for the most flattering dresses or tops for your body type, you may consider factors like silhouette, fabric, or drape. However, necklines are of equal importance...

Sep 30, 2020