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Design & Style


Sometimes our ensembles need a little extra flair to stand out. Ruching is a stylish way to add a bit of detail and volume to your clothing.

Feb 26, 2021


Batwing sleeves can be comfortable, fashionable, and suitable for many outfits and occasions. A batwing sleeve can add a stylish flair to your knit sweater or long-sleeve top, a...

Feb 26, 2021


Capsule collections can make great additions to any wardrobe by providing additional styling choices without contributing to fashion decision fatigue.

Feb 25, 2021


There are many layering garments that you can use for extra warmth during colder months, from blazers to hoodies. One of the most common layering pieces is the pullover sweater.

Jan 29, 2021


The fashion industry is always changing, as new trends rise and fall through a process known as the fashion cycle.

Jan 13, 2021


Brogue shoes are a versatile walking shoe that has been around since the late 1700s. Brogues are available in various styles and colors and can be suitable for most occasions. L...

Jan 5, 2021


Purses are a wardrobe staple available in an array of styles, from duffel bags to satchels. Here is a breakdown of the most popular purse styles for various functions and uses.

Dec 18, 2020


From the European countryside to ancient China, courtyards have been around for as long as people have been building homes. Learn more about these open-air spaces and the purpos...

Dec 17, 2020


Oxford shoes are classy, elegant dress shoes available in an array of styles to suit any occasion. A pair of Oxfords can dress up or dress down many outfits and are essential fo...

Dec 9, 2020