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Design & Style


Your bookshelf is more than just a home for treasured books; it’s also an interior design element, helping you customize your home decor and articulate your style.

Jan 24, 2022


Your job interview attire can help you make a strong first impression. Discover ideas for interview outfits based on office dress codes and learn a few tips to help you dress fo...

Jan 24, 2022


Knowing how to photograph hands properly can add a human, relatable element to your photos. Hand photography takes skill—because these are some of the most difficult body parts ...

Jan 24, 2022


Skinny jeans are a trendy style of denim jeans, but straight-leg options are just as chic. Learn how to style straight-leg jeans in a variety of ways.

Jan 24, 2022


The sash window is a sliding, two-panel design that provides character and a classic aesthetic to the exterior of a home.

Jan 21, 2022


Learning how to style a skirt properly is the best way to execute your creative skirt outfit ideas. Read on for some helpful styling tips that will open your wardrobe up to endl...

Jan 20, 2022


Apparel design students, professional dressmakers, and amateur hobbyists alike benefit from learning the art of draping. Whether you aspire to make your own clothes or do high f...

Dec 15, 2021


Digital cameras work by capturing light with an image sensor and converting it into packets of data that make up an image. Different image sensor formats are better suited for d...

Nov 30, 2021


Using selective focus in photography can result in images with striking visual appeal. Learn how to use selective focus in your own professional and everyday photos, including w...

Nov 12, 2021