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A customer-driven business uses every part of the organization to speak to and provide service to customers. There are myriad paths and strategies a company can take toward that...

Jan 24, 2022


The Reconstruction era of United States history was a time of idealism and conflict. After Congress added the Reconstruction Amendments to the US Constitution, they laid the gro...

Jan 24, 2022


A professional introduction summarizes who you are—your job and workplace contributions—to make a good first impression on new business contacts.

Jan 24, 2022


Learn more about direct-to-consumer companies, how they work, and the pros and cons of implementing a D2C business model.

Jan 23, 2022


When unconscious bias goes unaddressed, minority groups commonly face unfair disadvantages in the workplace. Addressing unconscious bias can help create a more inclusive and div...

Jan 23, 2022


The United States Secretary of the Treasury is a member of the president's cabinet and the chief financial officer for the federal government.

Jan 23, 2022


Whether for your company’s website or your own personal use, it's important to know how to write a short bio about yourself and your personal accomplishments. These little blurb...

Jan 21, 2022


Confidence can feel elusive for those plagued by self-doubt; though this sort of self-assurance might come naturally to some, it’s a learnable trait for those who want to grow t...

Jan 21, 2022


People who want to change the rules or structure of their society lead initiatives called social movements.

Jan 21, 2022