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Skateboarding tricks come in all styles and levels of difficulty. Flip tricks and grind tricks are fun ways to add flair and complexity to your skateboarding skills. With enough...

Jul 22, 2020


Since the early days of skateboarding, the sport has been predominantly male. But for young girls and women—who’ve long been marginalized in what is reputed to be a progressive ...

Jul 14, 2020


Skateboarding is an activity that requires balance, coordination, good timing, and a skateboard. Skaters have plenty of options when it comes to the type of skateboard they can ...

Jun 24, 2020


The backside 180 ollie is a beginner skateboard trick that any skater can learn. Most skaters learn this trick after nailing the frontside 180 ollie. Like most tricks, this mane...

Jun 24, 2020


In the 1980s, skateboarder Rodney Mullen brought about the age of flip tricks, which revolutionized the world of skateboarding and paved the way for skateboarding legends like T...

Jun 24, 2020


Skateboard tricks are a fun way to add flair to your skating, practice your skills, or help you win competitions. Once you have a handle on the basic skateboarding tricks, you c...

Jun 24, 2020


Skateboarding tricks can improve your skating abilities, build confidence, and help you win competitions. Once you are ready to increase your skateboard trick repertoire, you ca...

Jun 24, 2020


The caballerial was invented in 1980 by skateboarding legend Steve Caballero. Since then, the gravity-defying trick has become a staple move for both street skateboarders and ve...

Jun 24, 2020


Skateboarding can be a fun activity regardless of skill level. There are many styles of skateboarding suited for every preference. Once you have chosen the right board for the t...

Jun 24, 2020