Doris Kearns GoodwinTeaches U.S. Presidential History and Leadership

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Teaches U.S. Presidential History and Leadership
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15 Lessons

Presidential biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin teaches you leadership skills from Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, LBJ, and other remarkable figures.


A downloadable workbook filled with tips on successful communication, managing crises, and leading teams—all culled from Doris's research.


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Lesson Plan

  • 01


    Meet your instructor: Pulitzer Prize–winning historian and bestselling author Doris Kearns Goodwin. She talks about why she’s excited to teach this class, how she came to love history, and her path to becoming a presidential historian.

  • 02

    How People Become Great Leaders

    Looking at the early lives of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, and LBJ, Doris discusses whether leaders are born or made and why great leaders have ambition for something bigger than themselves.

  • 03

    More Important Than IQ: Emotional Intelligence

    Doris delves into the character traits that make up emotional intelligence, including humility, empathy, and resilience. She also shares Lincoln’s secret trick for dealing with anger and frustration.

  • 04

    Successfully Leading a Team

    Doris discusses the building blocks for leading a team well, including honest communication, sharing credit, building trust, allowing for failure, and paying attention to the needs of individual team members.

  • 05

    Forging Key Partnerships

    Don’t shy away from putting rivals on your team, advises Doris. She explains how to complement your weaknesses with strengths from team members, allow for differences of opinion, and create a culture of respect and honesty.

  • 06

    The Importance of Relaxing and Recharging

    Using examples from the lives of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, and LBJ, Doris illustrates why recharging is essential for leadership, especially for solving complex problems and making high-stakes decisions with a clear mind.

  • 07

    Making Informed Decisions

    Doris shares how some of the greatest presidents have made consequential decisions and how we can use their approach in our own lives. She also talks about how to heal divisions and build consensus.

  • 08

    Navigating Crises

    Doris discusses the role she believes leaders should take in a crisis and how they should console their constituencies, sharing a case study on Teddy Roosevelt’s management of the 1902 Coal Crisis.

  • 09

    Delivering Your Message

    Doris talks about how leaders must tailor the way they communicate to the most popular mediums of the time. She also discusses how she believes presidents and citizens should interact with the press.

  • 10

    Finding Your Voice

    Doris shares the journey of her late husband, presidential speechwriter and adviser Richard Goodwin, who devoted his life to civil service. She also shares Richard’s draft of LBJ’s most famous speech on civil rights.

  • 11

    Writing History

    Doris explains her approach to studying and writing about history, including how she collaborated with Steven Spielberg on the film Lincoln.

  • 12

    Profiles in Leadership

    Doris examines what made George Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King Jr. such effective leaders.

  • 13

    Civic Leadership: Get Involved

    Emphasizing the impact of great leadership on the United States, Doris encourages us all to be active and engaged citizens. She also describes which qualities matter and which don’t when it comes to voting for candidates.

  • 14

    Legacy: The Power of Storytelling

    Doris reinforces the importance of sharing stories as a way to seek connection and build legacies, and she offers a parting message of inspiration and hope.

  • 15

    Bonus: Advice for Future Presidents

    For anyone who dreams of running for president someday, Doris provides words of wisdom and encouragement.

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Doris Kearns Goodwin

Teaches U.S. Presidential History and Leadership

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