Jeff Goodby & Rich SilversteinTeach Advertising and Creativity

Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein

Teach Advertising and Creativity
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18 Lessons

Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein—the greatest minds in advertising—share the secrets of how they create work that connects with millions.


A downloadable workbook with insider information on Jeff and Rich’s most famous ad campaigns, plus advice for creating your own portfolio.


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Lesson Plan

  • 01

    Meet Your Instructors: Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein

    Meet Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein, founders of the legendary advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Jeff and Rich introduce themselves and set the stage for their class.

  • 02

    Who We Are & How We Got Here

    Jeff and Rich dive deeper into their personal stories and the influences that shaped them. They break down their first project together: an award-winning (and hilarious) campaign for the Oakland A’s.

  • 03

    Make Something Out of Nothing

    Early in their partnership, Jeff and Rich stretched tiny budgets to make work that captured international attention. They walk us through their ads for the Mill Valley Film Festival, the San Francisco Examiner, and Chevys Fresh Mex.

  • 04

    got milk?

    Jeff and Rich tell the history of the “got milk?” campaign, from the inception of the idea to a detailed behind-the-scenes look at how they shot their iconic ad “got milk?: Aaron Burr.”

  • 05

    How to Make Advertising That Lives in Culture: Three Ways to Engage

    Learn how to listen to the world around you to come up with ideas. Jeff and Rich explore the origins of the NBA “I love this game” campaign, the Sega scream, and the Nike skateboarding campaign.

  • 06

    Working With Brands

    With Saturn and Budweiser as examples, Jeff and Rich talk through their strategies for engaging clients, including how to listen and when to challenge them. GS&P’s head of strategy, Bonnie Wan, breaks down their recent E.T. spot for Comcast.

  • 07

    Goodby’s Rules for Creative Vandalism

    Advertising is like vandalism, says Jeff. He shares his rules for creative vandalism, including: don’t copy, steal; run toward fire; and seek out fame.

  • 08

    How to Tell a Story in 30 Seconds

    Learn two techniques for plotting out an ad before it’s shot.

  • 09

    On Craft: Writing, Design, and Giving Direction

    Jeff and Rich discuss their approach to the three disciplines most critical to success in the ad world: writing, design, and creative direction.

  • 10

    Is It Funny Enough?

    Humor sells. Jeff and Rich explain why and talk about how they’ve incorporated humor into their work, including Logitech’s “Kevin Bacon” commercial and the Budweiser “Weird Without Beer” campaign.

  • 11

    It’s Great, but They’ll Never Buy It: Selling a Crazy Idea

    How do you sell your ideas and present yourself to the client? Jeff and Rich reveal their tactics.

  • 12

    Anatomy of a Campaign

    Get behind-the-scenes breakdowns of the Polaroid “See What Develops” and the Budweiser lizards campaigns.

  • 13

    The Super Bowl

    The Super Bowl is still the holy grail of advertising. Jeff and Rich tell you why and share how their groundbreaking ads for E*TRADE got made. GS&P CCO Margaret Johnson walks you through two ads in production for Super Bowl 2020.

  • 14

    Advertising Is Everything... and Everything Is Advertising

    Advertising is more than billboards and TV ads. With the Tostitos DUI Breathalyzer bag, the gay pride Doritos rainbow bag, and the Cheetos Museum, learn how advertising can break down boundaries.

  • 15

    Bringing Humanity to the Corporate World

    Jeff and Rich talk about how they’ve worked with corporations to amplify messages for the greater good.

  • 16

    Giving Back

    Jeff and Rich share case studies where their agency has embraced digital innovation to create more human advertising.

  • 17

    New Business: The Machine at Maximum Speed

    Find out the great lengths Jeff and Rich have gone to win new clients, including an inspiring story where Jeff took a big chance on getting BMW’s attention.

  • 18

    How to Start an Agency, Specifically This One

    To close, Jeff and Rich explain the importance of cultivating a company culture that embraces freedom and encourages forgiveness so your team can do their best work.

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Teach Advertising and Creativity

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