Marc JacobsTeaches Fashion Design

Marc Jacobs

Teaches Fashion Design
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Marc uses sketches, samples, and case studies of his own garments to teach you how to create clothing that sets the trends.


A downloadable workbook accompanies the class with lesson recaps, assignments, and supplemental material.


Learn on your own terms, at your own pace on mobile, desktop, or Apple TV.

Lesson Plan

  • 01


    Meet Marc. In his first lesson, the CFDA Award-winning designer describes the scope of his class, from inspiration to runway shows, and explains his goal: to inspire, encourage, and enlighten you on your journey in fashion.

  • 02

    Getting Started: Teach Yourself Design

    You don't need to be an expert at knitting, sewing, or pattern making to be a great designer. But Marc recommends learning the basics to help you find and refine your creative voice.

  • 03

    Finding Inspiration

    Music, architecture, fictional characters—they've all inspired Marc and his work. Here, he talks about the importance of keeping your eyes—and mind—open to inspiration, no matter where you find it.

  • 04

    Sketching Your Ideas

    See how Marc approaches the sketching process. Learn what tools he uses and what he tries to accomplish in a sketch, and then watch as Marc completes a sketch.

  • 05

    The Creative Process of Design

    Every designer approaches the creative process differently. Marc shares what his creative process entails, including how he uses mood boards and thinks about trends.

  • 06

    Choosing Fabrics

    For Marc, it all begins with fabric. Learn how Marc chooses fabrics for his designs and how he works with different fibers. Then learn the story behind the fabric choices for three of his garments.

  • 07

    Creating Shapes and Silhouettes

    The shape and silhouette of your garment can be a very important part of communicating the message you want in your design. In this chapter, Marc discusses his approach to creating silhouettes and breaks down the silhouette choices behind three of his garments.

  • 08

    Patterns and Muslins

    Marc discusses the process of going from sketch to pattern and why your first toile will never be perfect. Marc has also provided a pattern from his studio for you to download and study.

  • 09

    Constructing Your Garment

    Marc shares his favorite construction techniques and how he approaches the construction process for his designs.

  • 10

    Case Study: Construction Techniques

    Marc breaks down the construction techniques in three of his garments, demonstrating what each technique achieved for each design.

  • 11

    Developing a Collection

    A collection is more than just a series of garments. Marc shares his philosophy on what makes a cohesive collection.

  • 12

    From Idea to Runway: Fall 2017 Case Study

    Follow along as Marc breaks down the entire process for creating his Fall 2017 collection, from inspiration to runway.

  • 13

    Working With a Team and Collaboration

    Marc believes strongly in collaboration in the design process. Marc shares what he looks for in his collaborators and how he has worked with artists in the past to create unique designs.

  • 14

    Runway Shows

    For Marc, it all leads to the runway. Learn Marc's approach for creating an exciting show, including what he looks for in models.

  • 15

    Designing for a Fashion House: Louis Vuitton

    Learn from Marc's experience at the venerable fashion house Louis Vuitton and how he approached respecting—and disrespecting—the brand's history.

  • 16

    Surviving the Fashion Industry

    The fashion industry can be tumultuous, even for the best of designers. In this chapter, Marc shares some tips on how you can survive and thrive.

  • 17

    Marc's Journey

    Learn about Marc's transformation from fashion student to world-renowned designer.

  • 18

    Pursue Your Love for Fashion

    Marc ends his Masterclass by encouraging you to ask questions, be fearless, and always pursue your love of fashion.

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