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Pumpkin Risotto

Massimo Bottura

Lesson time 15:05 min

Massimo teaches you a unique approach to risotto, using fresh orange juice and roasted pumpkin purée rather than the traditional white wine, butter, and onions. It turns out like a dessert, and you can riff on the recipe any way you’d like.

Massimo Bottura
Teaches Modern Italian Cooking
Massimo Bottura teaches you his take on traditional Italian cooking—from risotto to tortellini—and shares techniques for reimagining your own recipes.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] MASSIMO BOTTURA (VOICEOVER): We're going to make pumpkin risotto. What I love is this kind of creaminess that, for me, is pure pleasure when I eat it. So we're going to serve this as a dessert. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. - So we are making a risotto. Look at this. Beautiful rice from the Modena country. It's called vialone nano. You can find everywhere in the United States. This comes from my memory, when one of my favorite meals was pumpkin. [MUSIC PLAYING] So we start by making a pumpkin puree. First, peel a pumpkin. Then cut it into medium-size cubes. Then place the pumpkin cubes on a baking sheet, and put in the oven at 80 degrees Celsius, and bake for 8 hours until they are melting. Then, put the cooked pumpkin into a blender. Add apple mostarda, which is candied apples in mustard syrup, and some amaretti cookies. Then, blend all together. And we create this amazing, creamy, tasty, sweet sauce that we're going to use in cooking the risotto. We're going to use fresh orange juice, freshly squeezed from organic orange from Sicily. So let's start. You see, there's no onion. There's no white wine. We just go into the soul, the deep soul, the pureness of the flavor of the rice. So we're going to add a little bit of extra virgin olive oil to the pan, but just a little touch. Look, just a touch. And we're going to start with the rice immediately. We will toast the rice. Instead of toasting and saute in onion and then add white wine, we are going directly on pure rice, toasted to get that crunchiness. You can already feel the rice is toasting. At this point, we lower the temperature of the pan, adding some water. Water, always water. And you know why? Because if we add the orange directly into that pan, the orange will burn. The back taste would stay forever there. So we with this kind of preparation, we have to lower the temperature, and we're going to start adding the orange. So the rice is going to absorb your mood, your way. You're going to take the rice to the journey to that, to where you want to go. But the point is-- that is a very important point-- why orange? Pumpkin is from north of Italy, and orange is from deep Sicily. Because it's this. This is telling you where to go. And this is telling me that orange and pumpkin-- they match perfectly. But you can go in many different directions. Maybe it's summertime and you have grapefruit, and you can mix it with other things. Or you can go with pomegranate juice and Turkish spices. It's up to you. And the more you are exposed, the more you travel, the more you open your mind, the more options you're going to have, because you are expressing yourself, your experiences inside the risotto. Risotto is something that you have to love it, because you have to spend 15 minutes, 20 minutes, with your pan, with your rice. Hug him. Touch him. Listen to him. Understand what he's saying to you. Lower the temperature. Add some liquid. Tak...

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Massimo Bottura, chef of the three-Michelin-star Osteria Francescana, treats his world-renowned restaurant as a laboratory of ideas. In his MasterClass, he shares how he transforms classic, regional Italian recipes into exciting modern dishes. You’ll learn how to make rich, flavorful tagliatelle al ragù, pumpkin risotto, and a MasterClass-exclusive Emilia Burger recipe. Develop your palate and embark on a culinary adventure.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

It is a pleasure to see Massimo's passion for life. Well worth the price of admission! Thank you!!

I loved everything about this. I learned tons with every video!

Great course, mind-broadening and fun to follow. An awesome and humble genius.

First off Massimo is a fantastic teacher. He has taught how to develop my palate through ways I would have not thought of and most important how to think creatively.


SarahS S.

when you are 11.41 time in the video he licks his finger then at 12.02 he puts the crunchy almonds on so i wouldn't eat the one he made othewr than that it was quite good

Seth M.

Black is the new orange I guess. I never thought I would like risotto but yet again, Massimo has changed my mind.

I love watching Massimo's videos. He is like a culinary anti-depressant. But this lesson is outstanding: his enthusiasm for the taste, his sensual and emotional style, his devotion to the process and taste experience rather than the precise technique and last but not least the connection he creates to us, his audience, is magnificent and so much fun!! I also appreciate that he substitutes fatty ingredients through more modern and light alternatives. We truly are inspired and motivated to try this new and unusual recipe. Thanks to Taka for his attention to the actual cooking and few smiles here and there! Mille gracie 🙏🏼

A fellow student

Wonderful ! It's amazing feeling as walking together in the creative process, and Massimo is a master not only in cooking, but also in describing flavours and the way the different senses are reacting. Grazie ! I'd love to have the classes in Italian, with Massimo not needing to translate his thoughts to English, probably getting even more precise words for whatever he is expressing.


Is there a canned pumpkin that can be used? Can not find fresh pumpkin locally or online. Could only find frozen squash.

A fellow student

I used to make this recipe too, but then with oatmeal for breakfast!!!! Oatmeal pumpkin!!! ginger in there is also great!

Shawn O.

Thank you for doing this Masterclass, Massimo! I love your philosophy and the inspirations and intention that is behind your cooking.

Sabine S.

Loved the class, but had tried a few of the items - like blackened orange, which exploded all over the oven (even at lower temp than recommended) and pumpkin at correct temp was too dry to turn into any kind of purée. Maybe missing the magic of being in Italy. All that said, again, loved the class and the overall message.


I love the fact that he uses simple ingredients, only to turn them into a masterpiece. Thanks, chef!Brava:)

Noëlle F.

The lesson have being very inspiring, all the recipes shown here were definitively created out side the box. In my opinion that is what makes it so extraordinary. The lessons are blowing my mind, frequently my thoughs fly away imagining how many wonderful other thinks I could do using the ingredients presented and it never occured to me before. I am fascinated!