Phil IveyTeaches Poker Strategy

Phil Ivey

Teaches Poker Strategy
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11+ Lessons

For the first time, World Poker Tour title winner Phil Ivey shares his poker tips, from tactical moves to winning the mental game.


A downloadable workbook accompanies the class with lesson recaps, assignments, and advanced play terminology guide.


Learn on your own terms, at your own pace on mobile, desktop, or Apple TV.

Lesson Plan

  • 01

    Phil’s Journey

    Meet your new instructor: ten-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, Phil Ivey. In your first lesson, Phil explains why he's finally opening up about his game and reveals the exact moment he fell in love with poker.

  • 02

    Preflop and Blind Defense

    Phil breaks down the importance of table position, debunks a common misconception about hand-range charts, and shares tips for defending the blinds.

  • 03

    Betting Tactics

    Betting in poker is all about maximizing value and minimizing risk. Phil reveals his take on tactics like overbetting, bluff catching, and three-betting, and for the first time, shows how he’s used these tactics in past hands.

  • 04


    Using some of his favorite hands as teaching tools, Phil explains the importance of monitoring your opponents’ stacks and details the ideal circumstances for pulling off a convincing bluff.

  • 05

    Postflop, Part 1

    Phil provides an in-depth look at a number of different postflop situations. Learn when to slow play a hand, how to float the flop, and which draws to play depending on the context.

  • 06

    Postflop, Part 2

    Knowing when to shut it down is just as important as knowing when to go in for the kill. Phil discusses the dangers of overplaying a hand and explains how to avoid costly mistakes on the river.

  • 07

    Deepstack Play

    Deepstacked poker is still anyone's game. Phil teaches you how to make the most of your suited connectors and pocket pairs, and analyzes two hands where implied odds determined the outcome.

  • 08

    The Mental Game

    Phil pulls back the curtain and reveals exactly what his thought process was during a hand. He shares his tips for inducing tilt and dealing with tough losses, and explains what is really behind the “Ivey glare.”

  • 09

    Table Image and Tells

    Phil discusses the danger of assumptions when it comes to table image, and reveals one of his favorite tactics for gathering information about opponents.

  • 10

    Strategies for Success

    Learn how to train like Phil as he shares some of the practice routines that have helped him get to where he is today.

  • 11


    Phil shares the pitfalls of early success and talks about how he’s grown in his 25 years of playing the game.

  • 12

    Bonus Chapter: Seven-Card Stud

    Playing other variants of poker can help ambitious players capitalize on soft opportunities. Learn how to play seven-card stud from one of the best players to ever sit at the table.

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Phil Ivey

Teaches Poker Strategy

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