Reba McEntireTeaches Country Music

Reba McEntire

Teaches Country Music
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Watch, listen, and learn as Reba covers everything from choosing the right song to navigating the music business.


A downloadable workbook accompanies the class with lesson recaps and supplemental materials.


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Lesson Plan

  • 01


    Reba warmly welcomes you to the world of country music. As your teacher, Reba kicks off her MasterClass by sharing an early story about her father, what you will be learning, and what she hopes you will take away from her class.

  • 02

    Selecting a Song

    Melody, lyrics, relatability. Learn how Reba assesses what makes a great country song, using examples from “Fancy”, Merle Haggard’s “Carolyn”, and others.

  • 03


    You don’t have to be the greatest singer in the world to pursue singing. Watch as Reba breaks down her tried and true warm up exercises, and teaches you the techniques she uses to protect her voice from strain and damage.

  • 04

    Recording a Song

    Welcome to the recording studio! From working with producers, to conveying authentic emotion in your recording sessions, Reba explains her own unique recording process.

  • 05

    Recording a Song Case Study: "There's No U in Oklahoma"

    See the Master in action. Watch as Reba records a brand new song in the studio, working with her band, producers, and engineers.

  • 06

    Case Study: "Fancy" Goes Acoustic

    Learn the backstory of how Reba recorded one of her most infamous songs, "Fancy". Then, watch as Reba and the band break down the song to record a never-before-done acoustic version of the song.

  • 07

    Performance Techniques: Learning to Perform Live

    There’s a lot to learn when it comes to creating an effective performance, both mentally and physically. Reba discusses the importance of feedback, psyching yourself up, and what you can learn from other performers.

  • 08

    Performance Techniques: Engaging an Audience

    Anyone in country music knows Reba is a mesmerizing performer. Learn her techniques on how to engage an audience through stories and charm while performing, including taking the audience on a rollercoaster with the set list.

  • 09

    Performance Case Study: "Just Like Them Horses"

    Reba performs "Just Like Them Horses" exclusively for her MasterClass. Watch as Reba discusses the backstory and very personal inspiration for the song, and how to pull back when your emotions are about to take over.

  • 10

    Student Workshop: Trevor

    Case Study: How to improve eye contact during your performance.

  • 11

    Student Workshop: Cheyenne

    Case Study: How to convey the emotion behind your songs in your performance.

  • 12

    Student Workshop: Emily

    Case Study: Sometimes being different in the country music industry is good.

  • 13

    Student Workshop: Jimmy

    Case Study: How to use breath control to deliver your song effectively.

  • 14

    Country Music Overview

    The country music industry is unlike any other music industry in the world. Reba walks you through what makes the country music business special, and what it’s been like to be a woman in country music.

  • 15

    Building a Career

    Reba offers her wisdom on what it takes to create a long-lasting career in the music business. From networking, managing your finances, to work ethic, Reba breaks down skills that have led to her success.

  • 16

    Building the Right Team

    When it comes to the music business, you need the right people around you. Learn how to build your team, choose a manager, and kick off your singing career.

  • 17

    Creating a Visual Brand

    Reba’s look has changed throughout her career. Watch as Reba breaks down the decision behind every look, and why it’s important to have a visual brand.

  • 18

    Values as a Musician

    It’s not just what you do—but how you do it. Learn the core values of how Reba conducts her life and business, and how she has managed a graceful 40-year career.

  • 19

    Reba's Journey

    From Oklahoma ranch girl to Country Music Hall of Fame member, Reba discusses her journey in the music business, and how she has achieved everything she has.

  • 20

    Closing Thoughts

    Reba closes her MasterClass with some final thoughts for you to apply on your journey.

  • 21

    Bonus Chapter: "Does He Love You" Performance

    Reba performs her Grammy-winning hit "Does He Love You" exclusively for her MasterClass.

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Reba McEntire

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