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Brandon McMillan

Lesson time 20:12 min

Off comes in handy every day to keep your dog from jumping on people and furniture.

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Topics include: Step on the Leash · Hold the Paws For Medium & Large Dogs Only · Penny Bottle for Stubborn Dogs


[00:00:00.00] [LIGHTHEARTED MUSIC] [00:00:12.54] - The off command is a very important command to teach all dogs, especially to puppies. Juno here is only three months old and weighs about maybe 25, 30 pounds. In about two years, she's going to be about 75 pounds. Her jumping on me right now might seem cute, but it's going to be a serious safety hazard in another couple years, especially to kids and older people. So this is why the off command is so important to train. Let me walk you through the steps on how it's done. [00:00:52.91] Come on. Come on. Come here. Oh yeah. [00:00:57.67] BRANDON (VOICEOVER): I'm evaluating this dog to see if she's a jumper by calling her name and showing a lot of excitement. [00:01:02.74] - Oh yes. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, you're a big jumper. You're a big jumper. OK, OK, OK. All I'm going to do, just like with the sit command, I'm going to simply step on the leash right here. Come here, sweetie. Step on the leash right here. Now, I'm going to get her fired up. She's going to jump on me. Hi, hi, hi. [00:01:24.61] I'm going to say the word "off." Hi, hi, hi. Off. Off. Now, you see the leash is stopping her from jumping in her tracks. I want to say the word "off" as she jumps. Off, off, off. I'm going to wait her out. Off, off. Wait her out once again. All I'm going to do is wait her out. She's a puppy. This is what they do. I'm going to simply step on the leash. Once again, I'm going to step on the leash. It's very important where I step on the leash. [00:01:51.79] And I can also take a treat and see if I can lure her up here, but say the word "off" at the same time. Off. Even if she thinks about jumping, I want you to say the word "off." It's very important you keep your foot on this leash. That's going to stop her from jumping. Off. And I'm going to wait her out. Off. Again, she's jumping. I simply say the word "off." You'll have to do this time and again. Most dogs, it takes a few minutes for them to really understand this concept. Off. [00:02:21.88] OK, now she's controlled. I'm going to hold her here for just a few seconds. Reset. She jumped again. And I'm going to reset her. I want her to stay there for a good 10 seconds. She does not jump in the off command. You see, she's struggling to get the treat. I'm just going to simply sit here and say the word "off." [00:02:39.62] Now I got her-- oh. Restart again. We can do this over and over. But she has to understand, the less she does, the more she gets paid. So I'm going to simply say the word "off" over and over. Off. Off. Here we go. This is what I want to see. Now she's controlled. I'm going to hold her for a good 10 seconds. Control. This is what I want to see. Five more seconds. 3, 2, 1. That's an off. Good. [00:03:08.11] Make sure you hold her for a good 10, maybe even 15 seconds if you want to. You hold your dog for that time period. You never want to pay them right after they stop jumping because they're going to associate that with the jump gets you...

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The Emmy-winning host of "Lucky Dog", Brandon McMillan is an expert trainer dedicated to building relationships between humans and animals. In his MasterClass, Brandon shares his simple, effective training system to help you develop trust and control with your dog. From using commands like sit, stay, and down to fixing barking and digging, you’ll learn how to improve your dog’s behavior—and create a lifelong bond.

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Brandon McMillan

Expert animal trainer Brandon McMillan teaches you his simple, effective training system to build trust and control with your dog.

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