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Meet your new instructor: Grammy Award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana. In your first lesson, Carlos points to music’s higher purpose, and asks you to decide what role you want to play in making it real.

Topics include: Carlos Santana's MasterClass


Meet your new instructor: Grammy Award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana. In your first lesson, Carlos points to music’s higher purpose, and asks you to decide what role you want to play in making it real.

Topics include: Carlos Santana's MasterClass

Carlos Santana

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Would you welcome please Santana? [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC - SANTANA] CARLOS SANTANA (VOICEOVER): It's not only about the guitar. It's what you're feeling and thinking when you hit that chord. What are you putting inside the note that gives you an immediate connection to people's hearts? That's the purpose of music, period. [GUITAR MUSIC PLAYING] - I'm Carlos Santana. This is my MasterClass. [GUITAR MUSIC PLAYING] I remember, 20 years ago, my mentor, Mr. Herbie Hancock-- we were talking about this and that, and, somehow, he said, you know, I want to ask you a question. Because you have a certain way of explaining things that is-- like, for example, when people ask me, you know, what kind of piano did you use, and what kind of voicing and chords? And he says, but they forgot to ask me, what was I feeling and thinking when I hit that chord and you're really good at expressing that. I said, yeah. You have to share with people what goes inside the note, you know? What are you putting inside the note that makes it explosive? [IMITATES EXPLOSION] [MUSIC - SANTANA] There's three kinds of purpose in music. One is to tame the beast. And then there's entertainment. And then there's music to uplift this planet into a whole other dimension of existence. Like Coltrane and Mahalia Jackson, their notes have an out-of-this-world realm that makes humans not rationalize stupid excuses. I can tell you, the musicians in the song, they are more than just a song. It's a gateway to "unfollowment" or illumination. And illumination shouldn't scare you. Illumination is a word for total wonderment, like being in Disneyland and you're seven years old and everything's paid for. All the rides are free, you know? Music will transport you into a place beyond fear, beyond guilt, shame, beyond good and bad, right or wrong, black, white, or gray. Wonderment is what you're supposed to play as a real musician. You choose, because it's the planet of free will. You choose what kind of role you want to play in music. [MUSIC - SANTANA, "SOUL SACRIFICE"] This is "Soul Sacrifice." The bass is-- [PLAYING BASSLINE] The guitar is-- [PLAYING GUITAR] The main thing is-- [PLAYING GUITAR] Drums! [PLAYING GUITAR] Drums. [PLAYING GUITAR] So once you get in it, it's almost like a gathering tribal music that-- I didn't know just how powerful it was until we actually played it in Woodstock. And everybody became like this. [IMITATES WHOOSHING] One. If it was 550,000, it became one. And that person in front of us was going, yes, finally! You know, something that we can-- there's something about primal music, especially like "Soul Sacrifice" or "Jingo," that makes people remember that they-- we all belong to the same-- not tribe or nation or patriotic. It ain't about that. We all belong to the same galactic oneness, you know? And that's the kind of music that I like to play-- music that that helps people...

Find the heart of your sound

With 10 Grammys and almost 50 years on stage, Carlos Santana teaches you how to play guitar in his spiritual style. Learn how he weaves emotion, artistic expression, and musical genres from across the world to create a sound that transcends classifications and connects with audiences. Join Carlos in his studio as he breaks down his process note by note—so you can discover the soul of your sound.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

It is interesting to see his perspective on music, and he gives good wisdom, However, I do wish that it had more theory and tricks on how to actually play guitar and some tips on how to improve playing to get to that level of shredding.

What a new perspective on music and on listening to Santana. His fusion of music and life and spirit is incredible. And his work ethic and breadth of knowledge of music is impressive.

Music, Life lessons and love. What else can I say other than time to play. Love the Master Classes.

Nice to sit with another Master of His Craft - Carlos Santana. He reminds us, as Musicians and as People, why we do what we do. Very inspirational and beautiful. ✌🏼


Steven H.

Carlos has take me miles above chords and notes I learned so so much magnificent by a Master

Mark T.

Loving this lesson, but does anyone know what the diagonal 'vibrato-like' tab symbol means, such as the one in bar 8 of the chapter tab?

Daniel H.

Just opens the viewer up to what a magnificent musical genius Carlos is. I would love to spend a day in the studio soaking up his brilliance. Wow!


brilliant thank you Santana- it's a lesson in spirituality- the core- of everything.

Jack V.

I couldn't agree more, music helps us transcend past our differences and gets us in touch with the collective mind.

Mark B.

So incredibly grateful for this class.. Heaven sent it seems in my journey, and I'm very excited to be here to learn from Carlos Santana.

A fellow student

Bob Parks First I would like to thank Mr. Santana for this rare opportunity to discover what it is that captivates us every time we pick up that guitar. I also want to thank my daughters for this incredible gift. I just took the first lesson and I'm ready to make my first musical offering ( after I finish my homework of course). Thank you again Mr. Santana I'm looking forward to the rest of the lessons. I feel I've improved already.

Allie G.

Okay, I'm in love with Mr. Santana's guitars ! The birds , hummingbirds, and parrots on the fretts are gorgeous ! Hey, there is one recording of Santana performing at Woodstock in 1969 where Michael Shrieve is even younger than he is here on this clip. He was 20 something. Amazing stamina. Sorry, I am off roading here. Music....speaks to the soul and heart is so true. Thank you Mr. Santana for sharing your thoughts with all of us.

Natalie F.

Feeling within the note. Wow! Couldn't have said it any better. So excited!


Promising, but I'd like to be able to see and hear Carlos playing the Practice Piece 1A that appears in the PDF. Yes, I can see him play Chapter Tab 1.1, but that's a little advanced for me at the moment! I totally get what he's saying about the power of the music, though.