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Meet your instructor: Chris Hadfield, retired astronaut and former Commander of the International Space Station. In his first lesson, Chris reflects on overcoming the impossible to explore outer space.

Topics include: Introduction


Meet your instructor: Chris Hadfield, retired astronaut and former Commander of the International Space Station. In his first lesson, Chris reflects on overcoming the impossible to explore outer space.

Topics include: Introduction

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If you were born 120 years ago, the idea that we could fly wasn't part of normal society. Through the combination of a real sense of purpose and an enormous amount of work on behalf of a lot of people, we can make impossible things happen. It gives me heart, gives me courage, gives me joy, and gives me hope. And I think exploration of the unknown, whether it's the unknown of the universe around us or just the unknown that's within each one of us. We can all use that personal exploration. We can all work that into the reality of life and be joyful as a result of the hope of exploring the unknown. This class is for anyone who is interested in exploration. And not just exploring space, like that's the obvious core of it, being an astronaut. But you'll learn a lot of things, along the way to space, about yourself, about how to turn yourself into somebody different than you used to be. It definitely is required, that type of thought process, to fly in space. But I'm really teaching this class to anyone who's interested in exploring a new idea, in exploring a new place, in exploring the things that you might be capable of. I'm Chris Hadfield, and this is my MasterClass.

Explore the unknown

Impossible things happen. At age nine, Chris Hadfield knew he wanted to go to space. He eventually went there three times, becoming a commander of the International Space Station. In his MasterClass, Chris teaches you what it takes to explore space and what the future holds for humans in the final frontier. Learn about the science of space travel, life as an astronaut, and how flying in space will forever change the way you think about living on Earth.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Great, Chris is great, learnt so much. Just could be a much more interactive environment, more ways of testing knowledge, better ways to network and ways to connect us into different parts of the space business. Turn this into a course that is credited and gets you a general knowledge qualification. There is so much more that can be done to improve this.

This is an absolutely amazing class. All of the stuff that I am learning is going to be very valuable to me someday soon.

I loved it. He is a great story teller,not to mention,a great and humble astronaut.Thank you .I hope he has another class for us.It would be great!

I really enjoyed this class that Chris taught because it was first, very interesting and second also gives me practical advice on dealing with life, as an entrepreneur and business leader. Thanks Chris.



Watched this with my 11 year old son and we are thoroughly enjoying this series. With this Master Class, he is learning so many new things in preparation for his second tour of Space Camp this summer, which corresponds with the 50th Anniversary of the first Apollo moon landing. I think Chris does a great job of describing what it takes, what to expect, and how to prepare to be an astronaut. Great content for a young future astronaut, or an older adult who missed their calling! :)

Suhaib T.

Love how he connected ones personal exploration to the exploration of reality. Quite poetic and powerful. Learned something about myself already. Excited to start this class.


Disgraceful that a fraud gets to promote lies on a pay for knowledge site. I demand money back when it only buys lies.

A fellow student

Hey Chris, I would love to be a future astronaut and fly the Soyuz FG rocket to the space station, I would like to be a botanist on the space station, any advice?

Sandy A.

I can't wait to do this. I need to know what it's like. So, I can tell my 12 year old self.

Renald L.

So inspired and I can't wait for the rest of this series! Got goosebumps the moment Chris came into frame :")

Helena T.

Dear Chris, I work as a life-coach and I was amazed how applicable is YOUR masterclass at my profession. I would like to thank you for this extraordinary MasterClass for that it unites the wisdom/knowledge/experience/hardwork and the natural desire/dreaming/purpose hunt of every human being. It is about space exploration.. including the space that we all carry in our souls. Thank you from Prague.

Nick F.

Coming back around for round 2! I love how this course helps me to see the value in approaching something I lack understanding about with confidence as long as I keep a mind open to learning from my mistakes.


Chris, thank you for this inspiring introduction! I am a Middle School Science teacher, and we are doing our Space Science unit right now. I am looking forward to sharing some of my own learning in this Masterclass with my students.


Great intro Chris. I hope to learn more from a well-known space traveler. I'm also looking for any suggestion on how to finish this class. Thank you.