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Chris Hadfield

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Meet your instructor: Chris Hadfield, retired astronaut and former Commander of the International Space Station. In his first lesson, Chris reflects on overcoming the impossible to explore outer space.

Chris Hadfield
Teaches Space Exploration
In 28+ lessons, the former commander of the International Space Station teaches you the science of space exploration and what the future holds.
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If you were born 120 years ago, the idea that we could fly wasn't part of normal society. Through the combination of a real sense of purpose and an enormous amount of work on behalf of a lot of people, we can make impossible things happen. It gives me heart, gives me courage, gives me joy, and gives me hope. And I think exploration of the unknown, whether it's the unknown of the universe around us or just the unknown that's within each one of us. We can all use that personal exploration. We can all work that into the reality of life and be joyful as a result of the hope of exploring the unknown. This class is for anyone who is interested in exploration. And not just exploring space, like that's the obvious core of it, being an astronaut. But you'll learn a lot of things, along the way to space, about yourself, about how to turn yourself into somebody different than you used to be. It definitely is required, that type of thought process, to fly in space. But I'm really teaching this class to anyone who's interested in exploring a new idea, in exploring a new place, in exploring the things that you might be capable of. I'm Chris Hadfield, and this is my MasterClass.

Explore the unknown

Impossible things happen. At age nine, Chris Hadfield knew he wanted to go to space. He eventually went there three times, becoming a commander of the International Space Station. In his MasterClass, Chris teaches you what it takes to explore space and what the future holds for humans in the final frontier. Learn about the science of space travel, life as an astronaut, and how flying in space will forever change the way you think about living on Earth.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Chris put forth an amazing and informative MasterClass! It has motivated me to take a look at where I can improve areas of my life to herd my own little 'flock of sheep' in the direction I want to go, to accomplish and achieve my dreams. Thank You, Chris.

Very authentic. Explains beautifully and provides great insights to space exploration.

I always wanted to be an astronaut, but life went in a different direction. I write SF now and am still in love with space! I love how Chris Hadfield explains space exploration and all the mechanics behind it. His passion and determination are inspiring!

I absolutely loved how Chris Hadfield hardly ever used the word "I". It was always about the team, the crew, the mission, the goal, the ship. Caused me to think that there isn't an "I" in leader! and Chris did a great job teaching me that.



I really enjoyed this course. Lesson 22 and the bonus session were my two favorite. Chris brings joy and excitement to the course. I loved his enthusiastic approach to the course. I could almost envision myself in the space shuttle along side of him during blast off. He is a great teacher. I loved this course

Raymond F.

I enjoyed this lesson very much. I feel I can have a detailed, thorough debate and conversation about the many different aspects of space travel after this extensive lesson. Listening to Mr Hadfield speak about his unique experiences and his methods for success have resonated deeply within me. I hope to be a fraction as successful and fearless as this gentleman. I salute you Commander Hadfield.

A fellow student

I've read Chirs Hadfield's book, An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth, and that got me very interested in his life wand work field. I am very excited to take this class!

Maddie W.

So excited to learn all about space exploration! I think it’s so important for people to experience the universe in the way that space exploration allows you to; it’s humbling, awe-inspiring, and shows us how to never stop being curious about anything and everything around us. A huge thank you to Chris Hadfield for making his knowledge, experiences, and ideas available to everyone who dreams of touching the stars.


Oh God!!! This is my first course in Masterclass and I am on cloud9!!! Chris Hadfield is the best!!!!!!

Annette W.

I am just starting today. Cannot wait to learn as much as possible about space. I am a professional artist. I created art for Dr. Buzz Aldrin. I am working for Dr.Brian May (Queen) and Myteslaadventure / Starman. Twitter @artstudioAW Instagram @winkler.annette Lets explore new Ideas and Places...

A fellow student

Been dreaming about being an astronaut since the age of 7, so this is just awe-inspiring to me! Planning to go to Air Force Academy, become a test pilot and than hopefully get accepted into the NASA Astronaut Candidate Program! If anyone has tips or just anything please contact me! or 928-821-5430. Thank Chris Hadfield, this was one of the most inspiring things I've ever seen!


it was great I really like it. It has been my dream to get this master class and after 30 Days of hard working I finally got this class and I know I will enjoy it

Eric Z.

This series is excellent! Masterclass really did a marvelous job at bringing these experienced individual to us and we can learn from them. Loving it!

William M.

Does anyone know what the introduction music is for this video that starts around 00:12? Thank you!