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Chris Hadfield

Lesson time 02:50 min

Meet your instructor: Chris Hadfield, retired astronaut and former Commander of the International Space Station. In his first lesson, Chris reflects on overcoming the impossible to explore outer space.

Chris Hadfield
Teaches Space Exploration
The former commander of the International Space Station teaches you the science of space exploration and what the future holds.


If you were born 120 years ago, the idea that we could fly wasn't part of normal society. Through the combination of a real sense of purpose and an enormous amount of work on behalf of a lot of people, we can make impossible things happen. It gives me heart, gives me courage, gives me joy, and gives me hope. And I think exploration of the unknown, whether it's the unknown of the universe around us or just the unknown that's within each one of us. We can all use that personal exploration. We can all work that into the reality of life and be joyful as a result of the hope of exploring the unknown. This class is for anyone who is interested in exploration. And not just exploring space, like that's the obvious core of it, being an astronaut. But you'll learn a lot of things, along the way to space, about yourself, about how to turn yourself into somebody different than you used to be. It definitely is required, that type of thought process, to fly in space. But I'm really teaching this class to anyone who's interested in exploring a new idea, in exploring a new place, in exploring the things that you might be capable of. I'm Chris Hadfield, and this is my MasterClass.

Explore the unknown

Impossible things happen. At age nine, Chris Hadfield knew he wanted to go to space. He eventually went there three times, becoming a commander of the International Space Station. In his MasterClass, Chris teaches you what it takes to explore space and what the future holds for humans in the final frontier. Learn about the science of space travel, life as an astronaut, and how flying in space will forever change the way you think about living on Earth.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This was some of the most inspirational and spiritual guiding experiences I’ve ever encountered over a simple array of videos. I knew I was getting into something awesome with Chris Hadfield but I didn’t expect that. It was marvelous.

The most fascinating and intellectually gifted teacher I have been blessed to be taught by about any subject!!!!!!!

Very educational, lead by awesome instructor.

Thank you for this awesome and inspiring masterclass! The masterclass is not only for aspiring astronauts but anyone in general can learn tons from this awesome course. The insight and life lessons are so profoundly great. I can't be more grateful. Thank you again!


Bernardo F.

I've watched many space programs and Chris has been in most of them, it's inspiring and I love how he's showed us the wonders of living out of this planet.

A fellow student

I did the whole class over two days...with breaks. The chapters (?) were bite-sized and it was really informative and entertaining. Chris has a great way of communicating how it all works. I highly recommend it.

Dahlton M.

Can someone tell me what kind of centrifuge planter Chris has at 1:13 in this introduction to the class? I'm looking to build one myself, but unfortunately I don't have an exact name to get the specs, and winging it is kind of turning into an expensive nightmare -lol. It's the device he has in many of his background shots and again at 1:13. Thanks!

Amanda H.

do you know Buzz Aldrin did you ever meet him what is it like in space what do you do

Mário Filipe P.

I was waiting for so long to do this! Today I finally made the decision to go through with it and I couldn't be more excited. I found so much inspiration on Mr.Chris Hadfield over the last few years. There is so much you can take out of his words that will help you face and overcome your own challenges in life. It is really incredible, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to dive in a little bit deeper on his message through this MasterClass. To everyone involved who made this whole experience possible, Thank you so much, and thank you Chris!

Supriya M.

Incredible session! My favorite part was his one page technique and living in the moment - Aurora experience.

Maximo O.

Im 16 years old and Im in college. I´m from from Mexico City but I'm lookin for a future in NASA. Thank u very much Chris for this Master Class.

pouya P.

chris tell us if you have worked on any Mj-12 Projects? are there any spaceships that are in the galaxy with the mission to extend life above earth ?

A fellow student

I very much enjoyed this class. it was very thoughtful and thought provoking. the story and imaging were beautiful and I couldn't heve chosen anyone better to teach space exploration.

A fellow student

I have been looking at this course for such a long time. Having a degree for Astrophysics. This is up my all