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Frank Gehry

Lesson time 2:59 min

After unpacking his process and sharing what inspires him, Frank explains how the next generation of architects can engage and challenge tradition to create groundbreaking designs.

Frank Gehry
Teaches Design and Architecture
In 17 lessons, Frank teaches his unconventional philosophy on architecture, design, and art.
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I have tried as much as possible to be very candid about how I feel about what I'm doing, and how I'm doing it, why I'm doing it. It's just one person's identity and idea, but I was hoping to share with students my life's experiences, and notions, and ideas, and how they played a part in the evolution of my work, and what I continue to do. I hope it's a level of honesty that resonates and allows somebody to relate to because I think we do relate to other people through their honesty, and I hope that I've done the same here. You have to be curious, I've said that so many times. Try to find your own voice. Your own voice is you, and you're the only expert on it, and that's worth pursuing and finding. No, you might not succeed with that because everybody may not like it, but at least it's you. You got to find your place in the profession, and there's a lot of different niches. You can be administrative, you can be design, you can be construction, you can be the business end. You can do a lot of different things, and I trust all those people that I have working with me. Find your way to become part of a group that's creative. Even if you're not designing it, if you're part of it, there's a pride in it. These collaboratives efforts can be just as exciting as being the person doing it. Take your time. Move into it slowly. Learn how you fit in, and where your assets are most valuable, and then build on that. If you look around the world, those people you emulate and think of as successful, that's what all they've done is just followed their instincts, and developed their own personal strengths over time.

Create the extraordinary

At 19 years old, Frank Gehry was a truck driver taking sculpture classes at night school. His vision for what architecture could accomplish went on to reshape our cities’ skylines and the imaginations of artists and designers around the world. In his online architecture class, this master builder invites you into his never-before-seen model archive for a look into his creative process.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

It was really great listen and learn to a great architect and a great man. He give me advices and Learning I will Always keep in my mind. Is very interesting and important to see how other people, so important architect, see our wolrd (the one of our profession). He gave me the force to keep doing this difficult profession. Thank you Masterclass for this opportunity.

Frank's charisma is as powerful as his work.

A true designer, not afraid to look beyond traditional architecture and explore new forms to give a creative solution.

MasterClass with Frank Gehry was very interesting and fascinating. Something you could never imagine before you watch it. A lot of wisdom in each his word and so much sense in each lesson. Wonderful!


A fellow student

Excellent class, and very informative. It' insightful to hear the frustration of the architect with the contractor and owner always saying no. As the contractor I constantly tell the architect no. Maybe we need to be better on our end to provide creative solutions to we don't diminish the architectural vision. In one of the lessons Mr. Geary talked about the clarity of the drawings leading to fewer change orders. That was so applicable to many projects I have been on where clear drawings would have led to a much better outcome.

A fellow student

The class was very informative in a philosophical way. I could resonate with the wisdom. However I believe the class would be much more comprehensive if it showed details on how he led meetings, molded the model, interacted with his colleagues. Since I was not very familiar with his work, maybe the class can provide more pictures of his creations. I think these may add the class content better

Francisco D.

Being able "to seat" with some one like Mr. Gehry is an invaluable experience. There was so much wisdom shared in this course that I found valuable and applicable. Much like how he considers his buildings for context and friendliness to the neighbors, the content of this course was appropriate in style, scale, and density. However I think that the class producer could have edited the course better, trimming some silences and slow portions to fit a bit more substance and detail all across the lessons. So that Mr. Gehry could have expanded on the various themes and examples he was raising, and avoid letting them become sound bites. Mr. Gehry was exceptional; the producer and editor could have done a tighter job. Thanks

Scott V.

I found that I was forced to absorb this class over several attempts, is the formatting to scattered, or am I? Seriously good content, just more for "after hours" consideration. I have a small notebook with distilled points from Mr. Gehry that I bring with me to meetings and public events to keep me on track. The point that projects can promote culture, and culture can promote projects is BRILLIANT.

Michael W.

Wonderfull class. Great philosophy transfers to many other aspects of life. Finding one's voice or individual part of the collaboration is awesome advice.

Gareth B.

Great class. Looked beautiful too. Wish you’d talked about the AGO. Would love to hear your process.

Natasha S.

The entire course oozes with warmth, openness and honesty. I take my hat off to you Sir.

Jonathan A.

As an architecture graduate it did not feel so much as a class, but more like I got the privilege of enjoying a fancy dinner or coffee session with Frank Gehry in which I received tips and inspiration. I enjoyed his approach to clients and how important it is to develop professional relationships and a team of experts. His explanations of how buildings should be grounded in reality and how they should relate to its surroundings are something architects should definitely understand. Most importantly, I loved how he said that it's not about the ego, and that there is a human level of detail that architects need to understand. The world is a stage in which people act out their lives, and as designers we must take that into account.

Linda B.

This was such a good review of creativity for any field. And I really enjoyed Frank Gheary's honestly and thoughts.

A fellow student

I was waiting for the creation of a building from scratch. <--------------Dissapointed.