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From creating your portfolio on social media to cultivating long-term supporters, Futura teaches you how to find the right consumers for your work.

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Topics include: Seek Out Long-Term Supporters · Get to Work


[MUSIC PLAYING] - Yeah, it used to be you had a portfolio, okay? You had a portfolio of two-dimensional work. You walk around. You open up your nice leather portfolio. You show your 18-by-whatever stuff. But you know, the bigger the portfolio, apparently, you know, the more money you had. But now you don't need all that to get your work out there. You can use social media to create a digital portfolio of your work and build a following off that. I'm on IG. I'm on Instagram. The idea of IG I love because not only is it still a platform for me to just push out work and propaganda and just whatever nonsense, anything, diversionary things, misdirection, captions that make no sense, whatever, you know, it's my 5,000 K archive database. It's free. It's available. Take it. The whole strategy behind trying to form your Instagram perhaps identity or whatever platform, you know, whatever app and things that you're trying to push stuff out on, building your audiences is certainly going to take time. But what I would encourage you to do is what I do, is be engaging with-- with other individuals. And by all means, like, say positive things, too, because I think encouragement here in that virtual platform is very important because nothing is seemingly real. But kindness, you know, can still permeate, okay, that virtual space-- that's all-- just by being kind. So for example, you sent me a DM. Hey, Futura, wow, man. Love what-- yo, thank you, bro. Love you. Hey, can you look at my stuff and, you know, tell me what you think? That happens, like, five times a week, okay? In a seven-day period, I'll get that five times. Well, the thing is you've got to catch my eye now, right? Wow. I like what you did here. Maybe it's all black-and-white photography. Maybe it's all-- everything's blue. Everything-- you know, it's-- something caught my eye. But now I'm there for you. Hey, you, shit is dope, blah, blah, blah. First image, hey, man, thank you. Amazing. Keep going. And I think that is so powerful right now. You know, don't just wait for it to fall on your lap. You know, I learned that when I hit the web, you know, 25 years ago. It's about these satellites. You're sending out signals to people. So take advantage of that. My humble beginnings are, like, bedroom halls that we sprayed up back in the day of some of our friends, some of which were famous. And even just that got us a little bit of notoriety and recognition and I mean, if you're an unknown artist trying to make your way out of there, you know, back-- let's-- let's get you into the known. Well, you got to start somewhere. And then hopefully someone can not be your benefactor, but a patron, someone who's supporting you. And it's not like taking money. You know, that's another thing I'll tell you to be aware of, like, corporate and, you know, some individual with a paycheck or a checkbook. Be careful. I'm talking about real patrons who have already proven through their ...

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A pioneering painter and street artist, Futura has exhibited at institutions like the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, collaborated with Louis Vuitton and Supreme, and created album art for The Clash. Now he’s teaching you his signature, kinetic approach to abstract art. Learn how to express yourself and paint with color, dimension, and detail. All you need to create art is an idea and a can of spray paint.

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Pioneering abstract graffiti artist, Futura teaches you how to create art with a can of spray paint and an idea.

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