The Four Cs of Communication

George Stephanopoulos

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In the closing lesson, George sums up his thoughts on the future of communication and concludes with some inspirational thoughts.

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Topics include: The Four C's of Communication


[MUSIC PLAYING] - Communication is changing all the time. I think about political communication. I think about broadcasting. I think about interviewing. And when I look back, for example, to my days as a communications director in a presidential campaign back in 1991, in 1992, I don't think I'd know how to do that job today. Those-- those-- that was pre-internet, pre-social media, pre-Twitter, pre-Facebook, pre-cable television, for the most part. We had CNN, not a whole lot more. Fox News didn't even exist back then. And I-- and I-- and I say that just to underscore that that's always going to be the case. You're always going to have new developments. But there are certain things that endure no matter what the medium of communication is. And it-- clarity, concision-- short, direct sentences, short, direct questions. Curiosity-- it's the key to a good conversation. And candor-- you can't have real conversations without candor and honesty, and that's the heart of all good communication. [MUSIC PLAYING] You know, it's been a lot of fun for me to go back through parts of my career as in-- in-- in politics, in journalism, as a broadcaster, as an interviewer, as an anchor on "Good Morning America" and "This Week," covering big special events, and give you a sense of what that journey has been like for me, what I've learned along the way. I hope that by breaking down specific examples, I've helped you learn what I learned in real time, what I learned by doing, what I learned by making mistakes, what I learned about communicating by getting up and doing it just about every morning for the last 25 years. I've been lucky that I got the chance to do it in the White House, in Congress, at ABC for the last couple of decades. But I think the lessons I've learned can apply to all of you in-- in your lives, in your conversations with your friends and your family, in your conversations at the workplace. Clear, compassionate communication is the key to human relationships, and I hope we've learned something about that over the course of this MasterClass.

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Legendary interviewer and broadcaster George Stephanopoulos has navigated challenging interviews for more than 30 years—as former White House communications director and presently as co-anchor of Good Morning America. Now he’s teaching you how to project confidence under pressure and draw the best value from your own professional and personal interactions, becoming a stronger, more intentional communicator.

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George Stephanopoulos

Award-winning interviewer George Stephanopoulos teaches you his techniques for producing authentic, meaningful conversations.

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