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Choosing a Life of Resilience

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Lesson time 05:25 min

Hillary brings the class full circle back to the idea of developing a strong sense of resilience. She encourages you to keep going through the inevitable setbacks and disappointments of life, and to continue chasing your dreams.

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- We lost our mother a few years ago, but I miss her every day. And I still hear her voice urging me to keep working, keep fighting for right no matter. That's what we need to do together as a nation. [MUSIC PLAYING] HILLARY CLINTON: I could never have lived the life I've lived if I had not worked to become and remain resilient in the face of lots of incoming pressures to give up on my dreams, to be someone who is more predictable in a traditional sense. [MUSIC PLAYING] I like the idea that I've maybe blazed some trails, knocked over some obstacles, put some cracks in the glass ceiling so that other girls and women can pursue their dreams too. - She looks like a future president. MAN: you. - But I do want to be remembered as someone who has tried to live a life based on my values, tried to live a life of service to help others, tried to be an American who exhibited my love of our country and its values by standing up and fighting for it. I mean, there's just a lot that I care about that I hope would be part of whatever legacy I leave behind. I think there are a lot of things you can learn about how to be resilient. There are lots of wonderful role models, people you can read about, people who you can learn from, books, movies, everything that's available in the world today that could give you some touchstone about someone that maybe has an interest that parallels yours. You can also learn to be more resilient by starting, just step by step, to do things that might be hard, but with practice and persistence, can become easier. That's a form of building resilience and strength. I also think physical activity builds resilience, and it's really good for your mental health, which kind of creates more mental resilience in the face of setbacks. So for example, when you get out of bed, make your bed, because you're not going back into it. You are making that bed, and you are making the beginning of your day. It's really simple, but sometimes it seems to take more energy than you have. Go for a walk. Maybe it's just to the end of the street and back. It doesn't have to be a long hike. But get out of your house. And I know during the pandemic when I was at home, it was for my mental health that I would try to walk every day. Go to a volunteer event of some sort in your community where maybe you're just a tiny part of the assembly line, putting food into boxes for people who don't have enough. Different things work for different people. And sometimes, people have to go through the worst times before they have the energy to be resilient, to get up and go on. But don't quit trying. Keep going. [MUSIC PLAYING] I hope every one of you will take away from this class maybe a story that I've told about my own life, my successes and my failures, my own fears and insecurities, maybe a stronger sense of what you personally are capable of doing, a commitment to ...

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With a lifetime of smashing barriers and achieving at the highest levels of public service, Hillary Rodham Clinton has learned to tap deep wells of resilience to reach her goals. Now the former U.S. senator and secretary of state is teaching the values, lessons, and practical tools that help her rise above, even sharing her never-before-heard 2016 presidential victory speech. Be inspired to own your ambition and make your mark.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Barrier-smashing leader Hillary Rodham Clinton teaches you how to overcome setbacks and build a life of principle and purpose.

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