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Resourcefulness Is Everything

Issa Rae

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Learn how to develop a writing schedule, embrace imperfection, and find resources in unexpected places.

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Topics include: Embrace Imperfection · Creating Routines That Drive Productivity


[MUSIC PLAYING] - I always say that there is so much creativity in brokeness. Brokeness will make you figure it out. If you're hungry, you're not going to sit there and be like, oh, I'm so hungry. You're going to figure out what's in your pantry, what you have available. You're going to make a sandwich. You're going to see what you can afford with your $0.52, and you're going to make a meal. So it should be no different when you're trying to create a project. If you're hungry to make this project, you're going to figure out, oh, I don't have actors, but I have friends. I don't have locations, but I sure work at a job. Or I have this apartment. Or, you know, I have my friend's house, so I can make it work. You're going to figure out all the things that you do have to make this project work. And is it going to be the best meal of your life? Maybe not, but you're going to eat. You're going to make this project. So figure it out, and be creative. - Oh, he is cute. - I told you, girl. ISSA RAE: I started my first web series when I was in college. And I was fortunate enough to tap into the college's resources and use their money, use their equipment, use their cameras. And when I graduated and moved to New York, I was extremely broke. I had no money whatsoever. I was working as a paid intern on a stipend that was supposed to just be for the summer. And I was like I'mma drag this out the whole year. And that was the worst idea I could have ever had because I was just scraping by. So for me, it was just about asking for a lot of favors. It was about using the resources that I had access to to make my projects. Sometimes it came down to doing the extra tedious work to format Microsoft Word to look like final draft. Or in some cases, you can download templates to write your scripts. You have your phone, and you can use that to make content. And you can use editing software, a lot of the times free editing software to make it look great, to make it cohesive. And there are various filters that you can use for camera lenses. You can add camera lenses to your phone. There's so many different cheap plug-ins that you can use and apps to help with your sound. You can record sound independently even using voice memos. There's just so many options that are cost efficient to be able to make the project that you want. It may not look the best it can look, but it's going to look good. [MUSIC PLAYING] One of the things that I see all the time is people not releasing stuff because it's not perfect. Because they're constantly working on it because it has to be just right. And I would say don't be afraid for it to be imperfect. It doesn't have to be perfect. It never will be. Even when you think it's perfect, it's going to come out and you're going to criticize it. And you're going to think it sucks. So why not put it out when it actually does suck? And not suck, but when it's in a good enough place, you know. I don't ge...

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The Emmy-nominated star and creator of the award-winning HBO series Insecure is here to show you how it’s done. Issa Rae uses her signature do-it-yourself ethos, humor, and voice to offer writers and creators of all types the motivation and tools they’ll need on their journey. Issa shares how she has navigated Hollywood while Black and inspires you to reach your creative dreams and never take no for an answer.

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Issa Rae

Emmy-nominated writer, actor, and producer Issa Rae teaches you how to bring your creative vision to life.

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