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Influence the World Beyond Your Own

Lewis Hamilton

Lesson time 11:59 min

In this lesson, Lewis will talk about the significance of having the courage to speak out on important issues and standing up for others.

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Topics include: Start Change With Yourself Take Others on Your Journey Represent Your Community Educate Yourself on the Issues Ignite Change With One Action


[MUSIC PLAYING] - One of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou was "nothing can dim the light which shines from within. We should never dim our light in order for others to feel comfortable around us. We've got to shine a light as bright as possible to encourage others to do the same." [MUSIC PLAYING] Every time I look at my phone, there's something that I see that hits a real nerve. And it can be about animals, animal welfare, or the planet-- for example, just recently just seeing the ocean on fire. It was such a shock. We're seeing more and more disasters happen around the world, and the climate crisis continues to be such an important topic. And I think the younger generation today are fully aware of it, but it's going to take all of us to come together to make a change. And so looking at what you can do in your own personal life so that you can look at what kind of impact you have in your own personal life and what changes you can make for the positive. [MUSIC PLAYING] So through my journey going vegan, I was looking all the different areas in which I am working and all the partners that I work with. And I'm thinking, OK, how can we-- moving forward, how can we start making changes that impact the world? And I had the great opportunity to work with Tommy Hilfiger, who is such an icon. - Lewis Hamilton. - A really positive influence for me and one of the nicest people that I've met, really someone that lifts you up and encouraged me to want to do the same for others. And when we started working together, I was like, let's make our clothes sustainable. How do we look at new products that are not harmful to the environment? So we went through this whole journey of looking at new factories and discovering new materials that were recycled plastics from the ocean, for example, and looking how we can entwine that into the product. [MUSIC PLAYING] And it was such an amazing journey. And it definitely took time. And again, it was a journey of educating ourselves. And we started-- I think our first collection was 25%. By the fifth collection over those two years, we were up to 85% sustainable. And the goal was to be 100% sustainable. And it was a real process, but it felt like we really achieved something at the end. And people, when they're buying our product, they can also-- they also go on that journey with you. [MUSIC PLAYING] In the summer of 2020, we witnessed the killing and the murder of George Floyd. So many of us watched that horrifying video of a man calling out for his mother, calling out for his-- screaming help for his life. And I remember watching this, and all this emotion that-- these suppressed emotions that I didn't even realize that I suppressed came up, and followed with tears. And it was like a release. Because I personally, through my time growing up in the UK, like many, many people, experienced being told to go back to your country and have things thrown at you, ...

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As the winningest Formula 1 driver in the history of the sport, Lewis Hamilton knows what it takes to come out on top. Now, he’s teaching you how to achieve greatness in your own life. Whether you already know your goals or are still trying to figure them out, you’ll learn how to face your fears, turn negatives into positives, and continuously challenge yourself in order to find—and reach—your true potential.

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