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Moving Forward

Malala Yousafzai

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Peace is Malala’s ultimate goal, and hope is what keeps her going. She encourages you to be inspired about the future and keep going to make your advocacy dreams a reality—for yourself and for future generations.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] - One of the most important things that I have learned in my advocacy is to work together. Sometimes we as individuals want to change the world. And it's important and it's good to have a passion, but you need to remember, you are just one person, one individual. But you need the support of people, and people need your support. So recognize your role in the advocacy work that you are doing, but also really acknowledge the power of unity and togetherness as part of your advocacy. When you have, you know, all these voices joining you, you create a movement, and, you know, that is something that can bring change. All activists can have different causes, but I think, in the end, the goal is to make this world a better place for everyone-- to make it inclusive, to make it safe, to make it equal for each and every individual. It means that women are safe. Children are safe. They have access to opportunities. They have access to education. It means that we live in a good environment, in a healthy environment, that we are not worried about our safety and security, that everybody feels that they are in a position where they can have aims in their life, achieve them without any fear and without their gender, their skin color, their identity stopping them from having access to those opportunities. So when you start advocacy, there would be moments of challenges, and there will also be moments of joy. Remember that it is also an experience for you. I stay hopeful and passionate in my activism because I have seen that, in the past, there were other activists who had a mission, who wanted to challenge society and who wanted to bring in equality. They fought for it, and they made it happen. And we are still on a very long journey to see equality for everyone, but they have proved it to us that change is possible. When you finish this class, I would really want you to take a few minutes and think about how you can become an advocate. Believe in yourself and stay hopeful.

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When she first took a stand, Malala simply acted on her belief that all Pakistani girls like her had a right to education. Now the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate in history teaches you how to fight injustice in the world and in your everyday life, starting with your own community. Learn Malala’s framework for influencing change: Research issues, build a strategy, take action, and create an impact right where you are.

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Malala Yousafzai

Nobel Prize–winning activist Malala teaches you how to be an activist in your own community, from research and strategy to action and impact.

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