Conclusion: Final Thoughts And Common Questions

Mellody Hobson

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Mellody shares her final thoughts with students and what she hopes they have taken away from this class. She will encourage students to use this new information to guide them in their decision-making and hopes this adds value to their career development and journey.

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Topics include: Strategic Thinking: Final Thoughts and Common Questions


[MUSIC PLAYING] - First and foremost, thank you for taking the class. I hope that you got as much out of it as I tried to put into it. You're going to hear things that I did that may not necessarily work for you. So use what works for you. And then add your own approach. I hope that you'll walk away with a toolkit that you can use as-- if you have to make any kind of decisions, big or small. This is not about corporate mergers and coming out of a financial crisis. It doesn't have to be that gigantic. But it could just be everyday decisions. When you think about applying this to your everyday life, you'll think long and hard about who your lifelines are and developing those important, confidential relationships that you can lean on in moments of truth. And then last, but not least, perhaps it will help you negotiate. It could be a raise. It could be something more big or small, again. How do you approach a negotiation in a way that allow you to get what you want? I want to take this opportunity to pose some broader questions that I consider essential to any strategic decision. [MUSIC PLAYING] Time is a big part of decision-making. And oftentimes, there's never enough of it. So my answer about what do you do when you're pressed for time is-- it's a twofold answer. I love that line that says "if you can't decide, the answer is no," like if you really can't decide, you should do nothing. Now, understand the implications of doing nothing as well. It may have some significant implications to it. But sometimes, it's doing nothing. The other thing is I do believe, and my business partner, John, pushes me on this really hard all the time-- he's like, give yourself one night of sleep to sleep on it. Tell yourself, if I wake up in the morning and I feel this way-- and I always say to him, I'm going to feel this way. But he says, just one night. Sleep on it for one night and see if you have the same conviction in the morning with a clearer head. So I think one night of sleep, if you can even get that-- But the other thing, and the last thing, which is most important-- you won't ever be able to answer every question in a way that will ever allow you to have all the time that you need and want. And so recognizing that, you have to give yourself the grace to know you're making a decision with a limited amount of time. And you're doing your very best given the circumstances. [MUSIC PLAYING] It's very important to identify what's in your control and what's outside of your control so that you know where to focus. It's a mistake to focus on things that are outside of your control. So if the stock market is falling apart, I can't control what happens to the Dow or the S&P. The only thing I can control is what stocks do I own, what stocks do we own at Ariel, how much do we know about them, and do we believe that those businesses are the right businesses for the long term. So it also makes it eas...

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