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Go Tell Your Story

Mira Nair

Lesson time 02:10 min

Mira shares her closing thoughts and encourages you to slowly but surely realize your stories and tell them from a personal perspective.

Mira Nair
Teaches Independent Filmmaking
The Oscar-nominated director teaches her methods for directing powerful performances, maximizing budgets, and bringing authentic stories to life.
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The key to making films is to have something to see. Something that is distinctive, preferably never seen before. And something that only you can bring. So first, engage with the world. Be unafraid of getting educated. Have something to say. Feel about something that should possess you enough for this hard-knocking journey that is about to await you of making cinema. And then, apply yourself in a very focused way to identifying your idea. Identifying-- importantly-- your creative partnerships. Cherish them, respect them. Get the idea to become slowly, but surely, a reality. And then wherever the knowledge comes from, go and take it. And go and find that team of people that you might need to make that idea come alive. What I wish for you is to question what is handed to you as truth. To grapple with the fundamental questions-- in cinema and in life-- of where we belong. What we stand for. And where we matter. So go out, tell your story. Tell it as best as you can without apology. Be rigorous with yourself. And remember that if you don't tell your own story, no one else will. And if they will, it will never be as good as you telling your own story.

Harness the power of your roots

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Mira Nair approaches directing with the “heart of a poet and the skin of an elephant,” spurred by rejection and fighting to bring uncompromising stories to film. In the Golden Lion-winning director’s MasterClass, learn to make a big impact on a small budget in film production, evoke the best from actors and nonactors, and protect your creative vision so you tell the story that can only come from you.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This was by FAR the best class on directing ! THANK YOU! She is a powerful woman of color, and I resonate with her on so many levels. WATCH OUT WORLD.

Wonderful class taught by a beautiful person and talented director. Thank you, Mira!

I've learnt to be distinct in my voice, creative in partnerships, and evocative in storytelling through film!

Great account of one of the best examples of indie filmmaking. Great insights/tutorials. Would help to get more info on raising funds/financing/etc.


Gerard R.

Absolutely excellent. I learnt a lot and developed a sound appreciation for the art of film making. She is clearly a great creative artist and an innovator of the first rank.

Shriya A.

I loved the vibrancy, musicality, and earthiness of the masterclass. Gained some fascinating insights into what goes on on the other side of the screen.

J.C. S.

Wow. Blown away by the beauty and passion of this woman's singularly unique and enchanting vision. I would literally start this class over again tomorrow if I had the time on my schedule. Truly wonderful!

Syed Md Shohrab J.

It's really very nice to learn such a beautiful experience "Life is really stranger then fiction".


It was great. I finally finished it. My take-Home: "If you don't tell your own story, nobody else will"

A fellow student

Loved this experience so much! Thanks Mira Nair for your generous sharing. I will try to make the best of what I learned from you.

Jacqueline M.

I love your ideas and your experience. Thank you for sharing and guiding us is this Masterclass. You are amazing.

Rhoda B.

Excellent. I learned a lot not just about film making, but about how to work with a team.

Brett B.

Not just the lesson, but the class, was so inspiring and motivating; technically, theoretically, and mostly artistically and aesthetically. This class brought me back to the realization that our culture provides story after story for us to tell. How we use that to be the voices of generations to follow makes all the difference. I've taken six movie production masterclasses, and this one, by far, is the most beautiful and motivating. Thank you Mira Nair.

Daniel R.

I really liked it, but i would have like it better, if there would have been more visual examples!