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Go Tell Your Story

Mira shares her closing thoughts and encourages you to slowly but surely realize your stories and tell them from a personal perspective.

Topics include: Go Tell Your Story


Mira shares her closing thoughts and encourages you to slowly but surely realize your stories and tell them from a personal perspective.

Topics include: Go Tell Your Story

Mira Nair

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The key to making films is to have something to see. Something that is distinctive, preferably never seen before. And something that only you can bring. So first, engage with the world. Be unafraid of getting educated. Have something to say. Feel about something that should possess you enough for this hard-knocking journey that is about to await you of making cinema. And then, apply yourself in a very focused way to identifying your idea. Identifying-- importantly-- your creative partnerships. Cherish them, respect them. Get the idea to become slowly, but surely, a reality. And then wherever the knowledge comes from, go and take it. And go and find that team of people that you might need to make that idea come alive. What I wish for you is to question what is handed to you as truth. To grapple with the fundamental questions-- in cinema and in life-- of where we belong. What we stand for. And where we matter. So go out, tell your story. Tell it as best as you can without apology. Be rigorous with yourself. And remember that if you don't tell your own story, no one else will. And if they will, it will never be as good as you telling your own story.

Harness the power of your roots

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Mira Nair approaches directing with the “heart of a poet and the skin of an elephant,” spurred by rejection and fighting to bring uncompromising stories to film. In the Golden Lion-winning director’s MasterClass, learn to make a big impact on a small budget in film production, evoke the best from actors and nonactors, and protect your creative vision so you tell the story that can only come from you.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

It's the guidance how to proceed with the film making. Appreciate the effort being put by the masters to share their insights and the wisdom gained from years of work with the students of film making to produce artistic and expressive moving images.

More confidence and faith in what I'm doing. Invaluable.

Very inspiring, she gave us great analysis of individual elements, I loved it.

I'm picking up a lot of insight from each of these great directors. Mira's approach was thoughtful and interesting.


Cynthia D.

Such a great masterclass - Mira Nair is amazing, helpful insightful out of the box thinker who is encouraging and filled with love. thank you Mira Nair. I wnt to rate the class with stars and give it a five and it went to one. So I shall email customer service to let them know this is a five start class from a five star director.

Omar D.

Amazing! The BEST and most helpful film masterclass on here. Mira provides an intimate, honest and in depth view into her world of directing. Thank you so much x


I did a Mira Nair filmmaking marathon. I learnt a few things. Probably know what I retained after a goodnight sleep. I have seen a few of Mira’s movies but not Salaam Bombay. I heard and read plenty about it. It was popular around the same time as Satanic Verses the controversial book, but wasn’t available in Florida. I should probably watch it on YouTube this week. Also, I attended the Karma Sutra auditions in Chelsea New York too many years ago. Because a roommate knew her family back in India. I didn’t meet Mira though. Also, I wasn’t a full-blooded Indian. So I was useless to the casting directors. One casting director asked me if I bleached my skin... And I was like ummhhh I think have a white grandpa and a white grandma but not married to each other. They put me to sit and watch. I was so offensive looking or something. It was an experience. I appreciate Mira Nair’s liberalism. It is obvious that Mira is caring and meticulous director regardless of the contents in the script. However, that one rupee a day without wet pay seemed cruel; natural or generated rain. I’m scared of her... However, Mira could probably teach a lot more about feature budget allocations. Not my interest, I’m just saying... I loved everything like lesson-wise about acting and actors most. Editing and sound/music was cool. Okay, Mira Nair... If you ever would like to hire me as a film actress for any of your nonIndian films, please... send me a contract for acting that would pay me properly. I’m just starting my acting career like since September 2014 to present. You were like totally genuine. I wasn’t expecting ‘Mira Nair’ to be humble. Okay, this was a great masterclass series. Peace.

Maxximillian D.

Mira gifted me with an additional set of tools for my filmmakers toolbox. I especially appreciate her practical advice with regard to assembling a team, and her notes on mindset are priceless throughout. Her unapologetic attitude is enlivening and inspiring!

Carol B.

Mira explained aspects of film making with such raw details. It gives a beginner the understanding that it really is possible to make a film. It is the passion and the story within that is the starting point. To that added is the determination to find a way. A wonderful class. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jesse J.

Such a beautiful spirit. Thank you Mira. I felt a connection with you and this insightful class. I'm inspired :)

Ify M.

Thank you Mira...this has been an amazing Masterclass. I can now head back to lesson one and tackle the assignments with all the insights I have gotten. Thank you.

This was a wonderful and true Master Class. So many dimensions. Loved the way she fills the frame with subtext, mood, rhythm, style. She, herself, is a lovely person, and her humanity shows up in her class as well as in her films. The great experience of this class is to "hang out" with her, learn from her, know her as an artist and person. Her ability to bring out emotional truth in her actors is breathtaking. She is breathtaking. Bravo, bravo, and thanks Mira!!

Arun V.

Thank you! Truly a class from the master. I can feel your passion for the film making, story telling... Hats off!!

Jamal H.

Mira, you are so vividly human. That vibrancy shows in your films and now in this master class. It felt so intimate and compassionate as if you were wise mother hawk teach her younglings to fly. Thank you for a brilliant Master class!