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Performance Deconstruction: Black Swan Variation

Misty Copeland

Lesson time 3:18 min

All the techniques shown so far come together in a slowed-down version of Misty’s Black Swan variation. You’ll see Misty’s proper alignment for jumps and turns.

Misty Copeland
Teaches Ballet Technique and Artistry
American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Misty Copeland teaches you how to build your technique, embrace your story, and own your movement.
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- We established technical foundations in earlier chapters, so now you'll get a closer look at my form in motion, from multiple angles. Watch how I apply the placement principles from previous chapters. CREW: Ready, and action! [MUSIC PLAYING] - Practicing temps lies helped me build the strength and coordination I needed to execute an arabesque. Notice my alignment from my shoulders down. Here, I was able to get the height in my sissonne from building strength from plies. Remember those small but precise plies will help build power for you to jump. Plie and temps lie placement principles are applied here. You see me use temps lie to transition my body from arabesque to developpe. The rond de jombe helps prepare me to execute renverse. Remember, it's important to move your body as one unit.

Bring emotion to life

As the first African American female principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland made history. Now she’s one of the world’s most influential dancers, and she’s inviting you to the barre to develop a deeper appreciation for ballet and the language of dance. From pliés to partners, Misty demonstrates her techniques and teaches you to own your movement, own who you are, and do the dance only you can do.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Misty's was my first Masterclass which I watched straight thru on my first day signing up. I have been working on a short story where my protagonist was a ballet dancer - and I did not know enough. I was going to junk it. I am not a ballet dancer, I will never dance ballet. But something brought me here … perhaps this short story of mine will be written after all.

I've learned more about inclusiveness and the steps needed.

It teached me the terminology and the language of the ballet. Also I've learned an ongoing struggle for people of color to make it in this industry.

Inspiring to watch but I wish there had been more focus on ballet technique. The workbook has interesting ballet fundamentals and history.


A fellow student

I had to Google the French words so I agree it would be helpful to define the terms. My first and last ballet class was taken as an adult about 32 years ago.

Louis C.

For those of us who have no ballet background, it would be helpful to discuss what each of the terms mean

Michelle K.

I almost wanna punch the director. I get really dizzy watching this because the image is so choppy. Also why are her feet and other body parts constantly cut off?! This is meant to be a teaching tool, not a way for the camera guy to express himself....