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Ringo Starr

Lesson time 04:25 min

Ringo tells the origin story of his entry into the world of drumming, and shares insights that will help you find your own creative voice.

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Topics include: Ringo Starr Teaches Drums and Collaboration


 [METAL SCRAPING] [MUSIC PLAYING] RINGO STARR: I was born left-handed. [DRUMS PLAYING] But my grandmother thought that was not a good sign, so she turned me right-handed. So I write right-handed, but anything else I do is left-handed. [DRUMS PLAYING] So I have a right-handed kit, but I lead with my left. I need time to do a fill because it takes me longer to get where I'm going. This is what I do. I work with what I've got, and that is what makes me me. [DRUMS PLAYING] My name is Ringo, and this is my MasterClass. Welcome, everybody. [DRUMS PLAYING] [MUSIC - RINGO STARR, "IT DON'T COME EASY"] The dream of being a drummer came when I was 13. I was in hospital. I had TB, tuberculosis. While I was there, to keep us busy, a music lady would come in with percussion things, maracas, triangles. She gave me a little teeny drum the first time she came in. And something came over me that I knew this is what I want to do. It was like magic. And I wouldn't be in the band if she didn't give me a little drum. From that day, I wanted to be a drummer and that was my aim. Of course, it didn't happen right away, went back home, and I had to go to work in a factory. And you know, I couldn't-- I didn't have a kit, couldn't afford one. I made my first kit out of biscuit tins, and the snare drum had little nails on it. So it gave you like, sst, sst, sst. My stepdad, Harry, he went down for the funeral of his uncle. His uncle played drums, and there was a kit of drums in the corner. And he asked the guy's wife, do you want to sell them? And he came home with a set of drums. I mean, OK. But you know, when you're 17, what do you know? They were old drums. I wanted new. And so I saw in Liverpool, in the shop, there was an Ajax kit. And I walked in and thought, wow, this is great. And it took two sticks, and I-- you know, I couldn't really do it great, but I could [DRUMS PLAYING] Wow. I asked my granddad to lend me the money. And I paid him back from the factory I worked in a pound a week. So I paid my debt back. That was great. And that's how it started. You know, I'm not going to tell you that playing drums is easy because there is a lot to learn. Everything has to do its job. But when it comes together, it's just great. That's part of me now, you know. It was part of me then, and even before then that-- there's a tempo. You know, it's like there's a tempo to life. There's a tempo to every song. And if you get a load of musicians who are playing the same tempo it really helps. [MUSIC - RINGO STARR, "IT DON'T COME EASY"] (SINGING) --want your trust, then you know it don't come easy. In this class, I'm going to tell you about my journey, about how I became me. We're going to talk about playing with other musicians, about writing songs. I'm going to get behind the kit and show you my drums. Oh, deep. And I'm going to inv...

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Music legend Ringo Starr helped create rock ’n’ roll drumming as we know it today. Now the 9-time Grammy Award winner wants to inspire new and seasoned drummers alike. Through demonstrations behind the kit and personal stories from his time in The Beatles, Ringo shares his principles for creative collaboration, finding your unique playing style, and embracing your musical journey with joy.

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Ringo Starr

Legendary drummer Ringo Starr walks you through his approach to creative collaboration, playing with heart, and embracing your musical journey.

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