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Finding Your Creativity

Ron Finley

Lesson time 02:41 min

Ron concludes by sharing his belief that everyone has a creative force within—and that gardens are the perfect place to unleash that creativity.

Ron Finley
Teaches Gardening
Community activist and self-taught gardener Ron Finley shows you how to garden in any space, nurture your plants, and grow your own food.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] - So what I want to tell you guys, I'm basically self-taught. I went to a workshop here, and you get a little piece of this. And you go to another workshop, and they give you a little piece of this, you know, for the two hours that you spend there. But all it made me do is realize I already know what to do. You know, it's real simple. You got some sun, you got some soil, you got water, and you got a seed. Now, where do you want your beauty to grow from? My whole thing is we all are creatives. We all have this creative force in us. Some people call themselves artists. Some people don't, but we all are creative. And we're here to inspire each other. And I tell people it's already in you. Even when I instruct people on designing gardens, and they're like, well, where should I put this? I'm like, I don't know. This ain't my damn garden. It's yours. Where you want it to be? It's purple and it's going to get six feet tall. So when you come out of your house, what do you want to see? You know, where do you want to see it? And I want you to take the responsibility of what your place looks like. I want you to be the artist of your place. And so they think like, look, well, you're the expert. And I'm like, yeah, for my garden, not for yours. And so it gives them power that they don't really want or know they have. And I'll ask people to walk a path. I say, OK, this is your garden. This is your space. Now, where you want this? Where you want-- now, walk a path. And they'll walk straight, and then they'll do a sharp turn. And I'm like, did that feel good? How did that sharp turn you just make, how did that feel? And all you do is take that and put it in the garden. What do you want to see? What do you want to feel in your garden? Do you want it energized? Do you want it calm? What would mother nature do? That's what I want you to do. It's already in you. What I want to do is bring it out of you and let you understand that you have the power already. You have the creativity and you definitely have the imagination 'cause you are here right now. [MUSIC PLAYING] WOMAN: MAN: Woo-ho. We got it. All right.

Plant a revolution

When Ron Finley first grew a garden on a curbside dirt strip, he got cited—and then a warrant was issued for his arrest. He fought back, got the laws changed, and started a movement. Now the community activist and self-proclaimed “Gangster Gardener” is teaching you how to grow your own food, keep your plants alive, and find beauty and freedom in gardening no matter the size of your space. Start planting a revolution.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I learned so many tips and techniques during this Masterclass to help me be successful in my garden. Even started a compost bin!

Great introduction to gardening. Very fun and inspiring.

Absolutely fantastic! The information here was pertinent, easy to understand, and delivered in such an entertaining format. I loved every second.

Ron! I'm so inspired and EMPOWERED. I started a container garden while watching this Master Class over several days. Thank you for the encouragement to grow our own food!


Maria S.

What a nice instructor! I really liked the course, however, I wish it have had more content. But it's good for a start.

A fellow student

This was super fun and informative! I have always eaten very healthy and would love to start growing some of my own food now! I really enjoyed you, Ron. Thank you :)

A fellow student

At age 55, I decided to start a garden for the first time in my life, this year. When I saw the trailer for this master class. I figured I might learn a little something. This information has helped me move from starting with just growing three or four vegetables to having multiple vegetables, legumes, herbs and fruits in my little garden. It has become a sanctuary for me. I am at peace when working in my garden and am looking forward to enjoying the bounty that it is yielding, if I can keep the animals from getting to it first.

Josue L.

This class was really helpful, not only with usable information but also ignite my will to start my gardening. Really cool Master Class, congratulations! I'll definitely see it few more times


I really enjoyed this class. Lots of useful tips and Ron is clearly passionate about the topic.


Loved Ron's lessons! Yes hes relaxed but I loved the way he presented the information! You can tell he is well informed and cares about his community. Would love to see more classes from him and would be great to see him do a display for the RHS Flower show! Would be interesting to see what he comes up with!

A fellow student

This course was good, but a bit short and the presentation seemed a bit slow. I enjoyed all of the segments about specific plants and learned some things from them. Most people garden in their backyards - not in a drawer on a tabletop - none of the videos show an actual outdoor garden. This Masterclass needs more about gardening outdoors - for example, creating raised beds. There was plenty of good content, but some topics seemed incomplete - for example, there are downsides to planting plants too closely together - mildew, tangling, etc., but that wasn't discussed. I'd like to see more content, more about climate zones, video showing gardens, arranging plants in gardens, how to water plants in gardens, use of manure and blood meal, etc. One criticism - there are multiple incidences of foul language in this Masterclass. I wasn't expecting it and won't be recommending this course to my daughter for that reason.

A fellow student

I am a writer, poet, and teacher. Nah, I don't make any money from my garden. I am spiritual gardener at my core. Thus far, I have enjoyed this course far more than my others. Ron inspires us to save the Earth -- his work is poetry.

A fellow student

Just beautiful. I want another. What I have gotten most from this MasterClass is the idea that despite my age (I am 60) -- I am a yet a young gardener. I have a dream of turning my City and this country into a green space. I definitely learned some new things from this course despite my many years of gardening and many episodes of Victory Garden on PBS under my belt. Ron is so authentic, so articulate --all of the verdancy pours straight out of his heart. What really makes this course so wonderful is Ron and the articulation of his journey and philosophy. We could probably find all the nuts and bolts on YOUTUBE. However, an amazing teacher makes all the difference. I am inspired. Thank you, Ron. I will probably watch this course a dozen times. We can never get enough inspiration.


This has been my favorite masterclass! He is authentic and inspiring. "There's no mistakes, only lessons." I want to do so much more in my community...there is so much injustices in our dysfunctional system meant to keep the poor and people of color down. We can plant power. Love this class, please more from Ron Finley!!