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Training and Conditioning

Sheila E.

Lesson time 6:20 min

Sheila discusses the importance of conditioning your body as a drummer and how it can make you a better performer. You’ll also get a glimpse into Sheila’s preshow rituals.

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Topics include: Training for the Stage • Avoid Injury • Performance Rituals


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:09.48] [00:00:09.98] [00:00:12.98] SHEILA ESCOVEDO: Musicians, we're like athletes. Think about the things that they have to do, strengthening their muscles, the training, practicing over and over and over again to be better. I think it's really important to run, to exercise, and do as much as you can, drink a lot of water. Eat well is very important, because there are a lot of foods that kind of make you sick and you don't even realize it. And it slows your playing down. [00:00:39.72] It's really prevention and also the recovery. Later, when you get older, the recovery takes longer. So you really want to be aware of what you eat and what you drink. Make sure you drink tons of water. And you gotta get rest. I know these are simple little things. [00:00:56.32] Definitely, it's like back in the day, I would stay up all night. Who cared if I drank a glass of water. But now, I'm drinking a gallon of water a day or more than that. And I'm eating better, because recovery is harder. And when I get tired, and I'm injured, you know, the recovery has to be faster. So you've got to train your body. [00:01:16.48] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:01:28.26] Whether we're doing soundcheck or rehearsal, it's important to play full out so that you're training yourself to be ready for stage. Say, for instance, you're not training, you're not playing hard and full out, then when you get to the stage, you're not prepared. Because now you're winded. You're not ready to move from here to there. [00:01:47.59] You're kind of not really-- now you're thinking. And I don't want anyone to really think about what they're playing when we get to stage. I want you to play from your heart. That allows you the freedom to create. We're not thinking about what we have to play. We're just playing it, because it feels good. We already know the parts. We've done the homework. Now that allows you to create and come up with other stuff, because we've done the homework. [00:02:12.12] I feel that if I'm going to give you 150%, I'm expecting him and him and him and the singers-- I'm expecting everyone to give the same level of 150% that I'm giving. I don't expect anything less. They know that and understand that. So as a team, if they're not rising to that occasion, then they shouldn't be in the band. [00:02:34.11] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:02:41.03] When I first started playing drums, because I wanted to be a rock and roll drummer, I had cymbals way up here. I had about eight or 10 cymbals. And they were up here. This cymbal right here was behind me. So I would play like this. And I had about eight or 10 toms. So the kit-- this drum kit was huge. [00:03:03.12] So I wanted to play like this. And I wanted to be big. And so I was coming way back here and playing. And everything was like this. And then I tore this muscle right here, rotator cuff was like not working. And then, playing so hard and turning the wrong way, both of these thumbs were in a semi, ...

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Raised in a family of musicians, Sheila E. has collaborated with icons like Marvin Gaye and Ringo Starr and was named one of the all-time greatest drummers by Rolling Stone. Now she teaches you how to find your rhythm. Learn the principles of percussion—with or without a drum set—and discover techniques for dynamic solos and fills. Jam with the Escovedo family and find your own groove, as a beginner or as a bandleader.

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Sheila E.

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