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Werner Herzog

Lesson time 02:01 min

Werner leaves you with the words of a medieval mystic and wishes you luck on your journey.

Werner Herzog
Teaches Filmmaking
In 6 hours of video lessons, Werner Herzog teaches his uncompromising approach to documentary and feature filmmaking.


I have a text I'd like to read for you. And the text is from the late medieval mystic, Thomas a Kempis-- a very important figure in deep thinking. A mystic. And it's in a film of mine. "It is only the pilgrims who in the travails of their earthly voyage do not lose their way. Whether our planet be frozen or scorched, they are guided by the same prayers, and suffering, and fervor, and woe." [MUSIC PLAYING] You may have guessed, meanwhile, that it is not Thomas a Kempis. I wrote this text. I did this. In a way, we have to leave things incomplete. Lots of things we haven't covered, but it would be ad nauseam just to have me there and trying to explain my craft. Thank you, and best of luck to all of you.

Capture the spectacular

When the legendary director Werner Herzog was 19, he stole a camera and made his first movie. 70 films and 50 awards later, Werner is teaching documentary and feature filmmaking. In this film class, you’ll learn storytelling, cinematography, location scouting, self-financing, documentary interview techniques, and how to bring your ideas to life. By the end, you’ll make uncompromising movies.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I will take much from this class, but more than anything else, I will leave here with a renewed sense of courage and purpose.

Werner Herzog's unique and almost religous approach to film is breathtaking . He makes you realise your potential in no way anyone else ever could.

I've enjoyed the authenticity of Mr Herzog. Not just as a master sharing his craft, but also as a man, wrestling with insights into his own soul. It takes great courage to enter and stay in this business. It is more courageous still to express permanently what you do, and why.

I find a good way to succeed in filmmaking : gives you goagls SMART goals, précises


Eric G.

Werner and I share a lot in common in our approach and ideas about the other words, I not only love his style and methodology as this course presents, but understand it very well. Werner, indeed, you are a master craftsman and I thank you for a series superbly done, yet if less than superb, it would not have been up to your very own standards in film making. I love your acting in Mandalorian, as well. I am also an actor, as well as producer. I have a superb project now, developed and in pre-production awaiting the end of the virus restrictions which I frankly believe fits your unique style nicely. I am going to do something I normally wouldn't, but on the spur of the moment say, if you are open, contact me through my MC email. I would love to work with you on it...I promise, you won't regret it. Professionally yours for greater stories in cinema, ERG

Carol R.

Werner Herzog kind of blew my mind like his films do. Amazing how these MasterClass Masters are right there in their films. Not sure wether it is humorous or deceptive for Werner to use a pseudo for his deep expressions or is he saying something else by doing so. If I go with he is saying something else, which seems more like his films thus like him, I then conclude that the message may be hiding out in the smoke of the fire Werner Herzog lit in our minds. Very seductive man, he is, as are his films.

Alexandros P.

It was really refreshing to follow this masterclass. Werner Herzog is one the best filmmakers of my lifetime and this pre-recorded masterclass illustrates that very well indeed.

denis P.

all lessons. really good to help appreciate and understand the man behind the films. enlightening to see his humanity. something I was not expecting. Thoroughly enjoyed and inspired.


I'm honestly grateful for this class and it again confirms that at the end it's on me to do it, to learn it and to experience it. Don't stop if you think its the right thing no matter what others say. That's the attitude.

Harry B.

Werner is an excellent teacher, if a little eccentric. His eccentricity and wealth of experience make him a useful mentor.


A genius, and above all a true man. I love his films but now I love them more,as I can see Herzog´s inner strength in them. He is a force of nature, passionate and sensible, very wise. I am a philosopher and I learnt from this class a lot. Specially I feel reinforced in my work and pushed to go ahead. A grandiose combination of passion, wisdom and determination! I felt so happy when I listened to him!


My first Masterclass and I truly signed up for it because of Werner Herzog. I liked his documentaries and from what I have read about him, I knew he would not sugarcoat the process and be as honest as this platform permitted. If I did not know about his skirmishes with Klaus Kinski, I would be totally shocked at his admission that he falsely attributed his own words to famous people like Blaise Pascal. A true eccentric, and he has no time or patience for people's sensitivities.

A fellow student

Highly recommended for every passionate storyteller!!! Werner Herzog is a legend in his class and unmatched in his league.

Nutsinee K.

Didn't know the guy. Watched a first couple episodes on story telling but was hooked by his character. So I finished the entire lesson. I think I'll have to watch Fitzcarraldo now.